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Posted by pantgirl on August 31, 2011

A lot of stressful drama happened the beginning of Feb which resulted in me having to start locuming around the UK (Swansea and Sutton Coldfield mainly!) before amazingly, getting another job in Glasgow. Still working as an out of hour Vet but a much bigger and better organised company with lots of support and training. Started there 1st July and loving it so far!

Because my workshifts have changed, I now have a lot more time off and then runs of nights together.  I have bought a Breville Slow Cooker from Tesco!  When I told my sister this she started laughing at me 😦  I suspect its thought of as an old person implement…but I find it pretty nifty.  Get back from work at 8am, start making that night’s dinner, sleep, wake up and dinner is made! Usually enough for mine and my boyfriends dinner plus his lunch the next day. Bonus! I’ve only tried 2 recipes so far, both went down well.  Tonight I am trying a weird American recipe Mac and Cheese to see what that is like because we are off out soon to see Robs best friends baby!  She was born last week so I was on a mission today to buy cute girly clothes.  I kinda went a bit overboard and bought LOTS.  Oops.

I have LOADS that has gone on over the last few months (Edinburgh Festival, WWZ in Glasgow, Lonach highland games etc) So this will be a short post!  Will post a few more over the next few days plus some recipes.

PS – How AMAZING is Pintrest?  Man, I’m addicted!


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Posted by pantgirl on January 27, 2011

Sorry for the abrupt and extended absence!  A very VERY stressful move occurred from the Central region to Glasgow!  We moved the last week of November which, as you probably remember, was the week the horrendous mental snow began.  Cue us having to shove my car out numerous times full of stuff and a van managing to get in to move all the furniture etc.  Very stressful but all done now!  Still haven’t fully unpacked as our new flat is a duplex (oooooooOOOoo) so we plopped everything downstairs and have taken everything but all the heaviest stuff up to the first floor where we basically live (comics/books etcccc).  Still have to get blinds on the windows but luckily our bedroom window overlooks a church so it’s quite secluded really!

My new job is going ok too.  I’m now an Out of Hours (OOH for short) Vet, so work nights – 6pm-9am.  Sounds a LOT but usually we do get a good few hours sleep!  It’s one week on and one week off so currently I’m on my week off (yay!). I’ve been very good today phoning loads of people and organising stuff (like getting new brake pads + discs tomorrow = ££).  Still a big change from normal Vetty stuff but I think I’m getting there!

What else…err…Had my mums 60th Birthday at the beginning of December so that was fun fighting through the snow to get to that!  Was very good fun and she enjoyed her gift – a nice Sheila Fleet necklace that she’s had her eye on for a while.  I also got the ‘flu the week of Christmas. I’ve never had it before, only numerous colds of varying badness so this totally knocked me for six.  The bad thing was, it started late Sunday night, and I had to work starting 6pm on the Monday.  I wasn’t impressed.  Luckily the bad weather meant Monday was quiet so I slept loads but Tuesday night we had a GDV to operate on and call my boss in to help.  Glad we did as I had to leave the operation twice to try not to faint/throw up.  Utterly horrific.

Christmas was spent recuperating from the cold.  I even got the train up to Aberdeen as I didn’t think I could physically cope with the drive (especially straight after nightshift…) and I totally passed out drooling in my aisle chair.  Mouth gaping, probably snoring.  Nice.  Best thing I got for Christmas was probably…my Roomba from mum!  I asked her for one but didn’t think she’d get me one but she got a good deal on one and…ta da!

It’s amazing!  I hate hoovering at the best of times, sore back etc etc, so this is actually pretty good!  Picks up pretty much everything.  The main thing is to actually clear the floor of clutter first off and then it’s away.  I lock it into rooms on its own and leave it to do its work.  My boyfriend linked me to this Onion article when I got it and I find it pretty hilarious.

Lots going on soon.  My mum and auntie are coming down for the weekend in  2 weeks time as my sis and I bought mum tickets to go see Strictly Come Dancing in Glasgow, mainly as I live there now and have plenty of space to accommodate people staying over so it saves them some money.  Then the last weekend in February, two friends from Uni are getting married up North near Inverness.  I had a wee flaky panic trying to find accommodation that had good reviews AND was near the reception but finally managed to find a lovely looking B&B not far from the reception PLUS a huge locally sourced Scottish Brekkie AND it’s fairly cheap but in a lovely period Victorian building!  Bonus!

Wee weekend away will be fun.  Need to find a dress now as my usual staple go-to Wedding/formal occasion dress has been worn before in front of them at our Graduation Ball!  Oops!

Also, sorry for the absence but the main reason was that when we officially moved in on Dec 1st, I rang O2 to install a home phone + broadband and the earliest engineer date was the 18th Jan!  Having sweet, sweet internet back is amazing.  Our tv aerial isn’t working (Landlord is going to investigate) so I need access to my fave programmes, specially as Hells Kitchen is already like 3 weeks in!!

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Almost there!

Posted by pantgirl on November 24, 2010

Been spending the last few days ferrying stuff to my new flat.  Only small things mind like boxes and bags and clothes and guitars!  Still have a LOT of furniture to go over but a van is being organised for that so all good.  I have also spent a lot of my time on the phone organising change of address etc for all my bumph.  I even have to change the cats address (on her microchip)!  Only annoying thing left to do is actually move AND organise a new phoneline/interter at the new flat.  No internet for a week or two, noooo!

I really came on here as I was on a pet forum and people were discussing the best cat litter.  A few of you might remember my previous post on cat food and cat litter etc.  Well, I realised when I was reading that thread that I haven’t actually bought any cat litter since I bought the bag of Okoplus way back in August!  Thats a 10l bag for £7.99 for 3 and a half months worth of cat litter!!!  There is still 1-2 litter tray refills left to go in the bag so I’m well impressed!  I will definitely be buying it again!  I might be doing a food trial with Audrey as I put my name down for free Orijen catfood at the London Vet Show.  They rang me up and left a voicemail but I’ve been so so busy I haven’t rang them back yet!  Must do that before the end of this week.

Back to work on Friday.  Not looking forward to it at all.  Have been enjoying my time off eating so so much cake and coffee I feel really fat.  Will join the cheapo 24/7 gym when I move back to Glasgow though so no probs.  I’m on call this weekend too which is not ideal as I really want to move all the furniture over and completely scrub the flat (especially the beige carpets!) before moving out officially on the 1st Dec.  Aaaah!  I’m sure things will work out fiiiine.

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I’ve got a Golden Ticket…

Posted by pantgirl on November 16, 2010

This all started last weekend when the new River Cottage app was released and I downloaded it for my iPhone.  They had a competition where they had hidden 20 golden tickets all over the UK and just given the town and postcode.  There were 3 in Glasgow and one in Edinburgh and the rest seemed to be in the middle of nowhere or down in England. This all happened the day I was going up to Aberdeen for 4 days!  I was gutted as I thought they would all go asap.  All the England ones have pretty much gone, and the Edinburgh one, but not the Glasgow ones so I took my boyf into Glasgow today to go on a hunt and we found one!  In IJ Mellis Cheesemonger on Great Western Road!  I was so happy.  I have now emailed in the code to the email address and just looked up the possible prizes.  Of course, the majority are cheaper prizes like a free River Cottage Diary or River Cottage Every Day cookbook (which I already have…) but the rest of the prizes are ace, like the top one, win a private meal for you and 10 friends at River Cottage HQ!  Other ace ones are cookery courses etc.  Hope I win a good one!

We also trekked over to Ikea and absolutely stuffed my wee Corsa full of stuff for the new flat.  It took some positioning and shoving but we got a new dining table, 4 chairs, 2 foldy chairs and a new computer desk chair, phew!  Then went to the new flat and lugged it all up 2 flights of stairs and stored it in the new flats pantry in the Kitchen (very spacious!). Very knackering day.  Came back to my current flat in Polmont and have just collapsed onto the sofa.  Had a M&S Dine In meal for 2 that I bought at the weekend in Aberdeen so that was yum, and watched the 3rd episode of The Walking Dead.  I get very scared by real life (ie tv/film) zombies and I don’t know why. I know they aren’t real but my rational mind goes bye byes when I watch zombie things.  I blame my younger days playing Resident Evil 2 on my ancient PS1.  Ruined me that game has.

Tomorrow will be spent relaxing and enjoying my time off!  Off work til next Friday, then finished that Monday!  Still need to organise a work night out for my leaving.  No idea when I can fit that in as I might go down to see my sister in Manchester beginning of next week.  Ahhh so hectic!

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Good news!

Posted by pantgirl on November 13, 2010

The big news and hoo haa was all over a new job that I have now definitely finally got in Glasgow!  So so happy that finally, 4 years and 4 months after last living in Glasgow, I am now moving back!  The job is a big change for me but hopefully it wont be too stressful!  This Monday i’m signing a new lease with my boyfriend on a lovely flat which is so so huge compared to my current one!  I’m also off on 2 weeks holiday from my current job just now so it all times in perfectly (ish).  Working my last 3 days at work on call and during the day from the 26-29th November and then not starting my new job til the 6th Dec as it’s my mums 60th Birthday on the 2nd Dec and I already had that week booked off my current job.

I’ve been dead sad and been looking up things like furniture, elec/gas prices and watching Kirsties Homemade Homes getting hints and tips and forcing my mum to go with me to Thainstone Market this Sunday so I can browse household bargains (I’m up in Aberdeen the now visiting her and on secret missions for planning her birthday…). Not looking forward to moving flats only 18 months after moving into this one (we have a lot more LARGE furniture to move including a 46inch LCD tv :|) so I feel it will be done gradually in a few trips!  I’m tempted to be really sad and download an iPhone moving app just to be a right fanny…  Might actually start packing when I get back from Aberdeen.  Rob and I have SO MANY books plus he has two shelves worth of graphic novels!  I can’t complain, I have two shelves on the other bookcase full of Veterinary magazines and books/CPD course booklets etc etc.  Urgh.

Well, I digress, I kinda like moving.  I like packing and unpacking and getting things organised and put away in their places and making the place look nice.  I hate carrying all the boxes up and down stairs.  I always seem to pick flats up stairs.  My current one is 2nd floor…my new one is 2nd floor too.  The only difference is the new one is an old Glasgow tenement building with winding worn down stone stairs which should be very interesting to get things up and down!!  I will try and post some pics from inside the flat when I get access on Monday. They probably wont do it justice!  Also, if anyone has any links to interior blogs or house accoutrements such as pretty prints and rugs and stuff, link me up!  I already follow Conversation Pieces which is ace.  Might go on another search/quest round Etsy and Folksy!

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Quick post…

Posted by pantgirl on November 7, 2010

Things have been very hectic and utterly mental here the last few weeks.  I had hoped to post an amazing blog update but that’s all been turned on it’s head.  Hopefully tomorrow evening will bring excellent news and then I can finally post that exciting blog update!  Until then here is a sneaky peak crappy iPhone pic of my first EVER knitted jumper using the OWLS pattern by Kate Davies.  It’s amazing and SO easy to make, everyone should have one (scuse my dirty bathroom mirror…it’s been cleaned since then!).  I have yet to block this as i’m still thinking of the practicalities and finding the space to do it PLUS I need to source and purchase 19 pairs of buttons for the eyes!  Phew!

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Christmas is coming…

Posted by pantgirl on October 4, 2010

And i’m panicking about presents!  I have decided to make a good few of my presents this year.  This has involved me trawling Ravelry, plotting and planning some presents for friends and family.  My sister has really obvious fashion choices so I decided to pick her first!  A few years back I made her some Matrix Mittens from Knitty which she loved and still uses to this day (even though it was made in my early knitting days and I chose the totally wrong kinda of wool for it and there were a few minor mistakes… but it worked!).

So I decided to make this hat (that I found on Ravelry) using some wool I bought years ago to make the Official Kittyville Hat (but I found out I needed 3 skeins and I only had two…).  The hat is supposed to be slouchy but mine has come out not slouchy at all (I do have a rather big noggin) but I haven’t blocked it yet.

(I’ll post a better pic when I find my charger for my camera!)

My mum requested something for her Christmas as well when she found out I was making my sister something!  I don’t know what to make her, she doesn’t wear hats and I have never seen her in gloves, but she does wear scarves (of the light option) a fair bit.  I need to look through some more patterns and decide on one and then attempt my first ever laceweight or similar piece!  My own project, the Owls jumper, is on standby just as I was getting bored knitting the sleeve and couldn’t face doing the other straight away hence why  did this wee hat project in-between.  I have some other plans for some friends but nothing set in stone as of yet!

Nothing much else has been happening recently.  I managed to finish the hat this weekend as I was on call (again, groan) but luckily only had one call out! What a relief but it still ruins my whole weekend as I have to sit in waiting around and cannot go more than 20miles away from the practice.  It meant I missed a good few gigs this weekend but hey ho, things happen.  This weekend I have a friend from university’s engagement party on Friday night and then…something possibly very interesting on Saturday night and then maybe meeting my mum for lunch on Sunday.  She’s going away for a week to Portugal with her friend Moira during the October break (my mum is a Music Teacher) and staying in a Travelodge in Ayr before flying away on Monday morning from Prestwick.  That’s about it really apart from the fact that a really cool guy I know is now in a hospice with a brain tumour that he had been fighting off for a year but it looks like his battle is reaching an end soon.  Horrifying.  I might go and see him on Monday with Vonnie but i’m always feart of seeing someone not as how I used to remember them.  Happens to us all eventually I suppose.

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Autumn is coming…

Posted by pantgirl on September 26, 2010

And it makes me want to hibernate and eat stodgey foods by the bucketload!  Have managed that quite well this week with Chorizo/beef/broad bean stew on Monday, Carbonara and chorizo carbonara, chicken, cider and mushroom casserole and spaghetti bolognaise today!  I have been trying hard recently to cook meals from scratch and its going well!  Been managing to go to the gym regularly as well so it’s all evening out.

My jumper is going well. I’ve finished the body

and also finished one of the sleeves.  Working hundreds of rows in stockingette stitch on dpns is NOT GOOD.  I constantly get laddering even though me tension is as tight as anything!  Tightening up and shifting stitches around seems to help in the end.  I want to get this finished but I also cannot FACE making another sleeve just now! URGH!  It’ll be fine when I get going I know but it’s just the whole casting on small on dpns then getting going gets on my nerves.  Might knit a hat in the meantime as a wee break.  I was going to knit the famous Knittyville hat but discovered that I don’t have enough of the yarn that I bought for it (3/4 years ago now…no hope in hell of finding another matching dyelot!) so trying to find another quick knit up hat to use up this wool.  I finished Estella…and then discovered when I got to the decreasing secton that I had done the pattern TOTALLY wrong!  It still looks fine unless you know what the pattern is!  I mainly got confused with the start/end of the rows on the slouch section. Oops!  Here’s Audrey modelling it  before I blocked it:

On call next weekend which I am, of course, dreading as always.  This week I do have the joy of going to see the Manic Street Preachers on Wednesday in Glasgow.  Quite looking forward to that as I am enjoying the latest album a fair bit. I am still looking forward to the London Vet Show, especially as I finally got our flights and accommodation booked (for ok rates I think).  The boss left it to me as, being male, he cannot be arsed and would pick the first think that came up, but I looked and sifted through hotels and read LOADS of reviews on Tripadvisor (I love that website!) and finally got one with a good deal.  Not looking forward to travelling with him as he hates airplanes and flying and also the tube.  Hmm.  I might pretend I don’t know him or something!  Nah he’s ace really, just likes to moan about his bad back!

Had a lovely day yesterday trundling around the Edinburgh farmers market and getting lots of lovely meat.  Might get some game the next time but I wouldn’t know what to do with Partridge, Rabbit or Hare!  Recipes welcome!  I really want to go to Ikea this week as well but didn’t have time yesterday, maybe on my halfday this Thursday.

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On call…

Posted by pantgirl on September 4, 2010

I’m on call again this weekend so obviously I get bored and decide to make a blog post!  I do need to do this more often but it’s been a hectic week or two with quite a few strange and unexpected operations in (3 surprise exlaps!) plus all last weekend I was in Aberdeen at the Lonach Highland Games in Strathdon.  The day was a bit drizzly but generally it was all good.  Smelling Whisky at 9am is never a good thing!

The three surprise exlaps (exploratory laparotomies, basically open up the abdomen and see what’s going on) were all completely different things.  Firstly was a Staffie with a gastric foreign body (chew toy), second was an older Staffie with an intestinal tumour (poss lymphoma, not good prospects longterm) and lastly was a young German Shepherd with an intussuception (where part of the intestine telescopes in on itself – only happens in young dogs and also in young humans as well!).   So all in it’s been a bit mental.

I’ve started knitting my first ever jumper, Owls by Kate Davies.  The only thing is my circular needles are too long at 80cm just now so I need to get a 6.5mm 60cm circular which I should have soon as I want to get going!  As I couldn’t get going on the jumper due to needle problems, I started on my first ever hat, Estella by Ysolda Teague which is going well so far!  I got a bit confused at the beginning of the lace round but i’ve got it in my head now so it’s all going well!  The only thing is I think the hat is going to be well small for me :/  I’m hoping I can remedy this when I block it or else find someone with a smaller noggin than me to gift it to!  It possibly is the yarn i’m using but I should’ve swatched before (I never do really…I should but I didn’t have much yarn left to waste on a swatch first!) but you live and learn!

In other exciting news my boss and I are off to the London Vet Show at the end of next month (ooh err). I’m rather excited, mainly as it’s my first ever Veterinary convention!  Yay!  I am quite sad.  ALSO my boss is paying for the flights and accommodation, yus. I’m in charge of finding it though so have found cheap flights with BMI and possibly a nice/cheap hotel. Fingers crossed will all be booked next week!  I also have almost 3 weeks holiday left to take this year so the boyf and I are probably heading off for some winter sun in November and then i’ll take the rest off for my mums 60th Birthday right at the beginning of December.  Quite exciting really!  SO much planned for the next few months!

We’ve also started a wee health kick and so far i’ve lost around 1kg this week (according to my work scales…).  My fave meal that I made before the health kick (as its prob DEAD fatty) was Chorizo and Broad Bean stew that I made with veg from our veg box delivery.  It was very very yummy.  Kinda invented the recipe myself and i’m pretty proud of it 🙂

That’s all so far.  I’m quite miffed at missing 4 things this weekend when i’m on call (2 gigs, friends birthday night out and friends baby’s christening) but hey ho, these things happen 😦

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Busy week!

Posted by pantgirl on August 19, 2010

I have been rather busy this last week, well really from last weekend! Last Friday we went to a school friend of Robs wedding reception in Glasgow.  It was very rushed after work but was really lovely. My new dress was ace and I lasted almost 2 hours in my heels before discarding them due to pain!  Then on Saturday, Rob and I went along to the Dean Gallery to see the Surrealists Exhibition.  We had been at the Dean Gallery in June to go and see the Diane Arbus exhibition as Rob is a big fan of her photographs.  I hadn’t heard of her but recognised some of her work and really enjoyed her exhibition.

The Surrealists exhibition, named “Another World” takes up most of the entire gallery space and consisted of a whole spectrum of art from the very beginning “Dada” works all the way through to vaguely recently.  I recognised some names (Magritte, Picasso, Dali being the obvious ones) and some pieces (“The Fountain”) and was also surprised by the appearance of pieces of surrealist work by Desmond Morris, the TV presenter and zoologist!  I have to say that, surprisingly, I did enjoy myself again.  Ok, some pieces I had no idea what they were depicting and others I thought were utter guff, but the majority of them were lovely, and a treasure to see.

After the exhibition, we met up with Robs sister and her wife and went to Centotre Italian restaurant for a bit to eat before going to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  Now, I had vague ideas about the plot and hadn’t seen the film so the stage show was a complete surprise to me.  I actually really enjoyed it (although I missed the first song as i went to the loo and then the bar, oops!).  I think Rob has found a copy of the film so i’ll try and catch that this weekend at some point.  Hedwig started and finished really late and we got back at around 2am!

Sunday we went into Glasgow as I wanted to find some yarn for a jumper I wanted to try to knit, but I was unsuccessful so we went for an early dinner at Dimaggios on the Royal Exchange Square and sat outside as the weather was lovely!  The rest of this week i’ve been working but work has been pretty dead!  Have had a few interesting cases in such as a cat that is now going to have its leg amputated tomorrow after someone shot it with an airgun and an old boxer that has pretty much zero white blood cells and not many red blood cells (thinking some sort of bone marrow disease – myeloid leukaemia most likely) but we’re waiting on blood results back from the lab and might be referring him.  On Monday I also took part in the online twEATS ran by River Cottage/Landshare/Central Station and NVA to promote the Glasgow Harvest Festival at the end of this month.  The food I made was really scrummy and there was enough for my lunch the next day and Rob used the homemade pesto on his steak and said it was lovely.


The jumper I mentioned earlier that I want to knit is OWLS by Kate Davies.  It’s my first ever attempt at a jumper and I bought yarn from it from Cucumberpatch.  I bought more than I needed and got 11 skeins of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky in a bluey gray colourway.  I think it’ll look nice with the owl cabling at the yoke.  I cast on for it last night (after picking up the package of yarn from the Post Office) BUT my 80cm circular needles are far too long and I cannot physically knit with them so I need to purchase a pair of 60cm ones!  I then cast on for Ysoldas Estella hat pattern and have been going well on that with 1 minor frogging so far but I feel I may have to frog a whole row as I misunderstood one of the instructions as it’s supposed to be knit on a small circular as well and i’m using dpns!  Will get a small (40cm or less) circular for that and get it sorted tomorrow!  I have 3 projects unfinished at the moment (Elijah, Fetching and Kate the cat for my as yet unsent Feline Swap…oops…not received anything yet since the swap finished in April so i’m sure they forgot too!) so I need to get them finished.  I finally finished Elijahs ear the other night as I finally taught myself how to do short rows with the wrap and turn method and it came out beautifully!

This weekend my sister is coming to stay for a few days next week as she is playing in the RSNO again.  She’s a freelance professional double bass player and plays in loads of orchestras across the UK as a “dep” when people are off sick or on holiday etc.  She really wants a permanent job in an Orchestra but these are hard to come by and she’s getting good experience and contacts this way anyway.  I need to gut the flat before she comes up, at least this time we have the spare bedroom bed FINALLY up and functional!  Need to hoover the place well as she’s allergic to cats but she’s not been too bad the last few times she’s been here.  Then next weekend it’s the Lonach Highland Games in Strathdon!  Our family does a dram stop on the marchers route (ours is now after Billy Connollys one since he restarted that stop) and then we go to the games in the afternoon.  It’s a long day with us up early to try and get to Bellabeg for the marchers leaving to count them and see how many drams we need to lay out!

That’s it for now. I need to update more frequently so I don’t end up with a jumble of interesting things so I can concentrate more on one subject!  In other notes, the new cat litter is going amazingly well!  I haven’t had to change her litter tray in a week and its really absorbent and fab!  I am converted!

Sleepy cat says “time for bed!”

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