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Pincushion Swap

Posted by pantgirl on May 3, 2010

I have always envied my friends for doing these craft swaps so I thought i’d join in when Vonnie retweeted (I think) Claires pincushion swap on her blog.  I got paired up with Diane and I was instantly overwhelmed as she lived in Japan so therefore lived in the cute capital of the world! This meant I felt I had something to live up to.  I am very limited craftwise but was fairly proud of my knitting skills (self-taught when I was on the Dole back in 2006 ha!). I set out on Ravelry to look up knitted pincushions to see if it could be done.  I eventually settled on these two patterns: Posey and Tako-Maki.  I liked the idea of an animal pincushion but I didn’t know how to start/finish it off so I basically combined the two patterns together !  I was quite happy with how it turned out and I made my first ever i-cord for the legs (I always thought it was some complicated thing but was really easy actually!).

Here is what I sent Diane:

I had to think of a name for him so…umm..introducing…Mr Squishy!

Audreycat liked Mr Squishys legs…

Mini pencil/crayon buttons

Soor Plooms! Sour boiled sweeties traditional to Scotland I think

Think this was a metre of tartan fabric. Original I know but nothing else really stood out to me.

I threw the Crunchie in last-minute as I thought she’d appreciate Uk chocs!

Here is what I received from her!

Oooh exciting parcel! Kittencat is interested as well…

Oooh a selection of adorably wrapped presents!

Presents! Sorry for the blurry picture, I hadn’t got my camera working well so these are from my iPhone!

Pincushion! Such lovely fabric and sentimental buttons used so I feel honoured 🙂

Buttons! Lovely buttons as I love purple ❤ I need to find something lovely to use them on – I am planning to knit a jumper for myself so may well use them for that!

Some lovely turquoisey blue slubby cotton yarn! I need to find something cool to make this with 🙂

Some amazingly patterned craft string! I have no idea what to use this in but I want to use it!

An adorable crochet animals book! I don’t read Japanese (sorry!) but it looks simple enough to follow if you know how to crochet so a mission to learn!

Thanks Claire for hosting the swap and Diane for my amazing swap items!


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