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Almost there!

Posted by pantgirl on November 24, 2010

Been spending the last few days ferrying stuff to my new flat.  Only small things mind like boxes and bags and clothes and guitars!  Still have a LOT of furniture to go over but a van is being organised for that so all good.  I have also spent a lot of my time on the phone organising change of address etc for all my bumph.  I even have to change the cats address (on her microchip)!  Only annoying thing left to do is actually move AND organise a new phoneline/interter at the new flat.  No internet for a week or two, noooo!

I really came on here as I was on a pet forum and people were discussing the best cat litter.  A few of you might remember my previous post on cat food and cat litter etc.  Well, I realised when I was reading that thread that I haven’t actually bought any cat litter since I bought the bag of Okoplus way back in August!  Thats a 10l bag for £7.99 for 3 and a half months worth of cat litter!!!  There is still 1-2 litter tray refills left to go in the bag so I’m well impressed!  I will definitely be buying it again!  I might be doing a food trial with Audrey as I put my name down for free Orijen catfood at the London Vet Show.  They rang me up and left a voicemail but I’ve been so so busy I haven’t rang them back yet!  Must do that before the end of this week.

Back to work on Friday.  Not looking forward to it at all.  Have been enjoying my time off eating so so much cake and coffee I feel really fat.  Will join the cheapo 24/7 gym when I move back to Glasgow though so no probs.  I’m on call this weekend too which is not ideal as I really want to move all the furniture over and completely scrub the flat (especially the beige carpets!) before moving out officially on the 1st Dec.  Aaaah!  I’m sure things will work out fiiiine.


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