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Curiosity killed the cat…

Posted by pantgirl on August 10, 2010

I’ve never quite known where to go with this blog.  I have a few friends who are bloggers and they all seem to have one distinct purpose with their blogs.  Mine is definitely  going to be a huge mismash of various things.  My main ones will be knitting, cooking, going out for meals, my job (which is a large part of my life) and discussing various thoughts on animal topical subjects.  For the last few days I have been perusing various online pet supply places and comparing prices on various items and whether or not to change anything about my cat’s supplies.  I thought i’d write a blog about my experiences (so far) in ownership of a kittencat 🙂

This is the beastie above that I am going to talk about.  I rescued her from work and took her on with my boss repairing her leg for free for me.  I have then spayed her myself a good few months ago now and she’s grown up into a lovely kittencat.  I have never owned a cat before and I wanted to do the best for her as she is a lovely cat (even with her dramatic beginnings) and I wanted to raise her the best I could as a beginner cat owner.  My first research was into cat food.  When I first got her from work I just started her on a combination of Whiskas* Kitten and Felix Kitten, both big UK brands that I have heard of and that are both advertised well and popular.  I then did some research and discovered that they are not really the best foods for cats of any age.  Cats are pretty much obligate carnivores (unlike Dogs that can be fairly omnivorous) and get most of their nutrition (and vital amino acids like taurine) from meat.  When you look at the nutritional info for the two above brand leading kitten/cat food, you will see that they only contain 4% meat!!!  Hardly the majority of the food in the pouch!  The rest is made up from derivatives, vegetables, grains, cereals etc etc, all bulking agents and fillers and not ideal for the carnivorous cats.  I then switched over to the Pets at Home Purely range, which is good as a cheap but intermediate cat food which caters for all ages (kitten/adult/senior) and has an amazing 50% meat present!  They also do dry food in the Purely range which I also got to mix in with her pouch food.  She absolutely loved the Purely range compared to the Whiskas/Felix ranges and she also looked a lot healthier, with her coat becoming smoother and sleeker.  I kept her on the Purely Kitten food range until she was 9 months old and I then decided to change her again,  I experimented a wee bit by trialling the Applaws range kitten food and biscuits as the wet range has 75% meat content and around 50% fish content with the dry food having 80% meat content.  She loved the biscuits but wasn’t that keen on the wet food.  She would eat it but only after a while and not with her usual gusto.  The good thing about the wet kitten food is that it is complete, compared to the adult wet food which isn’t.  Both the dry biscuits are complete and can be fed alone or with the wet food combined.  I was impressed by the idea surrounding the Applaws food and the lack of crap in the food and the lack of cereals in the dry food (which can possibly cause indigestion upsets and allergies) but my cat just wasnt that keen on the lovely looking wet food in tins (it is also fairly costly but a little goes a long way).  I have finally now settled on Natures Menu Adult Cat Food range which she absolutely loves and squeals with delight whenever it’s feeding time and it has 70% meat content.  I combine this with the Applaws Adult Chicken Dry food which the cat loves a lot more than the kitten biscuits and clears the plate every time she gets them.  So far i’m pretty happy with my food choices for her, but regular browsing of the Zooplus website and personal reviews from people recommend Bozita and Almo Nature which I am tempted to try to see how it works out economy wise.  I feed my cat on a mixture of wet and dry food.  I don’t like cats being fed on fully dry food as it can possibley promote urinary tract disorders and people are mentioning that it could cause kidney problems but, as a Vet, I have not seen any clinical evidence to support this train of thought.  Also, a fully wet diet is also not that good as the soft mushy pre-packaged food requires pretty much no chewing so the teeth become plaque and then tartar covered which then progressed to dental disease.  This is why I like a nice mixture of wet and dry food.  My cats teeth are in excellent condition so far and I am suspecting it is due to her pretty good diet.

I hope this hasn’t gone really boring by the way!  My next cat topic is going to be cat litter, which is really boring I know, but I get a bee in my bonnet over certain things and try to find the next better one!  I had no idea about cat litter when I first cot my kittencat so I just went to Pets at Home and bought the cheapest litter I could see, which was the 2kg wood pellet non clumping own brand litter by Pets at Home.  This was ok as a started litter but blimmin eck, you went through a LOT per week.  The urine soaks into the pellets which then disintegrate and is impossible to completely remove by scooping as it falls apart so every day 1-2 times a day I had to completely empty the litter tray!  It worked out pretty uneconomical and I was planning on changing but hadn’t done my research.  As luck would have it, Audrey went to stay with my boyfriend and his mum for Christmas and her wood pellet litter ran out, so a random brand was bought, which was a pink clay clumping litter.  I liked the idea of a clumping litter as it was easy to pick out the bits you wanted and lasted a lot longer.  The brand I eventually went for was the Clean ‘n’ Tidy Cat Litter.  I used this litter from then until this weekend just been when my last bag finished.  It did work really well, I had to only empty the tray once a week and do 1-2 times a day cleanings .  One bag lasted 3-4 weeks which was pretty cheap!  I then did some more research and discovered that clay cat litters are pretty eco-damaging and unrecyclable.  A wee search through Zooplus again and PetPlanet turned up a few which looked costly.  I like to look at a few brands in person to work out how big it is and how long it claims it will last for.  I noted one brand was at PAH so I went along and came away with this

Cats Best Okoplus Cat Litter which is wood based AND clumping AND completely biodegradable – you can flush the clumps down the loo and then shove the remains of the used tray on your compost heap!  I have put some tonight in her tray and she has already used it twice and its working well so far!  In an ideal world I would absolutely LOVE either the Cat Geniewhich is a fully plumbed cat flushing toilet tray with a wash and dry cycle of the reusable fake cat litter!!!  It looks amazing and cheap to run AND economical!  If I couldn’t have the Cat Genie, then I would go for the Litter Robot, which seems to be the best from the large array of automatic litter trays.How amazing does that look?  It works using sensors, detecting when the cat leaves and then setting a time whereupon it closes over and then rotates, sifting out the clumped litter and leaving the rest clean!  These two seem the best from what I have investigated, but seem to only be available abroad.  I also fancy trying out the Litter Kwitter Which uses a series of toilet inserts to train your cat to go to the loo IN the loo rather than in a litter tray!  I am so so tempted by this but I have no idea how Audrey would take to it!  I have visions of her landing in her own pee in the toilet :/  Hmm.

I hope that this post has been vaguely interesting?  Of course loads of people have completely different and varied ideas, mainly on cat food etc so I am welcome to all!

*If you watch the Whiskas advert on that website, I get SO SO annoyed that they call the tortoishell cat a he!  They’re always female apart from the very rare XXY males!  Just a pet peeve by a well-known cat food company that should know better!


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Food Ethics

Posted by pantgirl on July 19, 2010

A rather ambiguous title I have to say but i’ve become rather more “food conscious” lately.  I don’t really know why I have, perhaps its my new-found love for rewatching/watching the whole River Cottage series from the very beginning.  I also love food, good food, I could never exist eating just pot noodles or cup a soups.  I’m sure this shows on my waistline but no ready meal beats a lovely home cooked meal from scratch.  My sister bought me the River Cottage Everyday cookbook for my Christmas and i’ve cooked so many things from it and got such good ideas, it really is my favourite cookbook ever.  Anyway, I digress, my greed is not the basis for this post!

Farmers’ Markets.  When I was young I honestly can’t even remember these being about, but now if you look on the Scottish Association of Farmers’ Markets you can see a list for all the markets that take place in just Scotland alone!  Along with this and the rise of organic veg box schemes and people going crazy for allotments and home growing veg, it feels like going back to prewar Britain!  I think this is a good thing as it means more people are aware of where their food is coming from and making food from scratch.  Some people think it’s just for the snobby and rich, but everyone can afford to eat better, whether it be meat from a Farmers’ Market or choosing free range chicken from a supermarket.  I get a large fruit and veg bag from The Whole Shebag which supplied me with oodles of fruit and veg every 2 weeks with a smile and a lovely wee information notelet in the bag with ideas what to do with the veg and what has been going on in the farm.

As a Veterinary Surgeon, I have been trained in Public Health and how meat animals are raised and killed in this country.  I think the UK is one of the best producers, compared to all the drugs and additives given to animals in the USA which are illegal here.  Whilst at University, I had to undertake many weeks of EMS (extra mural studies) in my preclinical years about the raising and slaughter of meat/milk producing animals.  This involved having to work for 2 weeks at an intensive dairy farm, 2 weeks lambing, 1 week at an abattoir and 2 weeks working at an “intensive rearing” centre (usually broiler chickens or pig farms).  People might think i’m odd but I really enjoyed all my EMS apart from the broiler chicken production.  I had to go through MANY loopholes to get access to the address for the broiler chicken farm that I saw EMS at.  They were very cagey as a few activists had recently been onto a few farms and tried to release the chickens from their sheds (not a good idea, if you have ever seen a broiler chicken you will know that they would die in hours).  Even when I got to the farm we went up and down the road a few times to double-check it was the right place as there were no signs showing it to be a broiler chicken production site!  I wont go into details of me experience there, it wasn’t the worst, it was very well run but the fact that the majority of the UK chickens come from this kind of establishment is worrying.  I can understand why these places exist, people demand cheap chicken, the end.  Free range chicken (from supermarkets) is not that expensive really but people are so used to chicken being cheap they reach for the value meat all the time.  I admit, I do try to buy free range chicken, I rarely buy chicken at all recently I have to say, but I do still buy the cheaper chicken as well.  I don’t feel like I’m two-faced, preaching the virtues of free range etc, I feel as I’ve worked in and understand how the broiler chicken production works, I can make an educated decision either way.  Also, most of the time, supermarkets have hardly any free range chicken in stock which makes it harder for people to make an educated choice.  I wish that one day all food would be free range but I know in this current climate it is not possible.

Sorry for that rant/tangent!  I hope that made sense, I’m not good at expressing my thoughts into words.  I try to buy all my meat from the farmers’ markets that I frequent (mainly the Edinburgh Farmers’ Market and the Falkirk one but that has changed its date so I can’t go to it now) and get all my veg from my aforementioned veg box delivery.  It’s not something everyone can do but I can hand on heart say that all the meat I have had from the farmers market has been amazing.  The taste is so fresh and superb, the meat is beautiful and really not that costly.  My favourite Pork supplier is Puddledub Pork, who also do Puddledub Beef, Buffalo and Lamb, from just up the road in Perthshire.  They have always been amazingly well stocked with a wide range of cuts of meat, sausages and other exotic dabblings such as their own chorizo, pancetta and prosciutto.  I have also bought a giant slab of pork belly from Piperfield Pork which was amazing and a really nice bit of Dexter Brisket from a Scottish supplier but I can’t find their name/website to link it.  I also support my favourite Farm Shop called Craigies in Kirkliston and they supply Puddledub Pork and Buffalo and also other local suppliers plus they make their own jams and chutnies and have an amazing Cafe and PYO fruit!  If there is a Farmers’ Market or Farm Shop near you then go along and be surprised, I know I have!

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Time passes fast…

Posted by pantgirl on July 14, 2010

Well! I know I have totally neglected this blog, I had loads of plans for what to write about as I’ve been so busy. Sadly the fact I’ve been so busy hasn’t given me much time to sit down and write out a nice blog! Work had been mental since I last posted, lots of out of hours work and quite a few major operations such as more cesarean sections! The reason I have time now to sit down and write on this blog is simple, I am off work sick. Now, I was very proud of my attendance record since I have started working as a Veterinarian as up until now I have had no days off sick at all. Niente. None. Today will be my 3rd day off sick and the Dr said I should be off til at least the end of next week! I feel so so guilty for leaving my work in the lurch but there’s not a lot I can do about it.

I suppose I wouldn’t regard myself as being “sick” perse as I can still walk and (just) talk and do normal things but to look at me, you would know I was sick. Why?  The whole left hand side of my face is incredibly swollen and bright red. Parts of the right hand side are affected to but not as bad. I’d post a picture but its horrific.  I have been in hospital since Sunday night getting blood tests and IV antibiotics to combat a horrific skin infection.  I haven’t got a definitive answer as to what caused it (my suspicion was midge bites) but the Drs seen to think an initial Streptococcus (erysipelas) skin infection that was superinfected with Staphylococcus on top (as my own Dr told me it was just eczema and to apply steroid cream…which made it a whole lot worse!).  This has been my frist stay in hospital for absolute years! The last time was when I was in getting my strabismus operations when I was really young (3/4, something like that) so I didn’t know what to expect!  I was pleasantly surprised! The food was pretty good actually, whilst I was there I had fish pie, mince and doughballs (mmm), lamb casserole and oodles of soup.  I was also offered plenty of tea and coffee and my room was cleaned thoroughly once a day and the sheets changed every day too! I also had my own private room + en suite with a wee telly as well!  I know not everyone gets that luxury but I think I got it due to the infectious nature of my condition and that the other communal rooms on the ward had elderly people on it (so more susceptible to infectious disease).  I was given flucloxacillin antibiotics through my venflon four times a day and also went  to see the consultant Dermatologist who prescribed me oodles of creams!

My mum and her friend Judy came down from Aberdeen to see me in the Stirling Royal Infirmary, got lost, arrived late and the nurses were very kind and let them stay on over teatime to the next visiting hour.  I asked mum to bring me some diluting juice, socks and trashy mags.  She arrived with 8 pairs of socks (!), 2 large bottles of diluting juice, 2 small soft toys, 7 trashy magazines, a pot of grapes and a small pot plant!  My mum does go all out when you ask her for something!  Then, on the way back up to Aberdeen, her car broke down outside Brechin and had to get towed home. She’s now looking for a new car. Poor mum. I got discharged yesterday (Tuesday evening) and went straight to work to talk to my boss and tell him the bad news. He was very understanding and I look awful so he knows how bad it really is.  I came home to the flat and finally got a good nights sleep in my own bed (you have no idea how hard it is to sleep with a venflon in your arm, everytime you move that arm you can feel it inside you and you can’t bend your arm or lie on it so I slept on my back!).  I really need a good shower too. I haven’t washed my hair since last Friday which is shocking, luckily my hair barely gets greasy so its not as bad as it looks!  Also I can now enjoy the flowers my boyfriend got me the day before I went to hospital as my skin was so bad.

I meant my first post back on here to be a nice happy one about a new recipe I had tried out or what I bought at the farmers market, or even our wee holiday to Copenhagen and the Roskilde festival (which just preceded my hospitalization)!  All fodder for future blogs, which I should be doing a few of over the next week or so as I have a lot of free time on my hands!

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Posted by pantgirl on June 3, 2010

Wow! A month since I last posted on here! It’s been an absolutely mental month and I have so much to post. I shall sit down and do a round up and a few posts over the next few days. I would do it tonight but just had a mild drama with the kittencat falling out of our 3 storey window and me going outside to find her trundling around on a neighbours window quite the thing. Stupid flat windows! Rob was quite stressed about the whole thing (only an hour earlier we had been pondering what would happen if she did just that so quite freaky) so we’re off to buy a nice room fan tomorrow rather than have the windows open all the time (it gets hot being in a top storey flat!). She seems perfectly fine apart from. Tiny nick on her lip but I might take her into work to get checked out just in case. She’s currently just zonked out on my
lap which is cute but I need to go to bed!

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Pincushion Swap

Posted by pantgirl on May 3, 2010

I have always envied my friends for doing these craft swaps so I thought i’d join in when Vonnie retweeted (I think) Claires pincushion swap on her blog.  I got paired up with Diane and I was instantly overwhelmed as she lived in Japan so therefore lived in the cute capital of the world! This meant I felt I had something to live up to.  I am very limited craftwise but was fairly proud of my knitting skills (self-taught when I was on the Dole back in 2006 ha!). I set out on Ravelry to look up knitted pincushions to see if it could be done.  I eventually settled on these two patterns: Posey and Tako-Maki.  I liked the idea of an animal pincushion but I didn’t know how to start/finish it off so I basically combined the two patterns together !  I was quite happy with how it turned out and I made my first ever i-cord for the legs (I always thought it was some complicated thing but was really easy actually!).

Here is what I sent Diane:

I had to think of a name for him so…umm..introducing…Mr Squishy!

Audreycat liked Mr Squishys legs…

Mini pencil/crayon buttons

Soor Plooms! Sour boiled sweeties traditional to Scotland I think

Think this was a metre of tartan fabric. Original I know but nothing else really stood out to me.

I threw the Crunchie in last-minute as I thought she’d appreciate Uk chocs!

Here is what I received from her!

Oooh exciting parcel! Kittencat is interested as well…

Oooh a selection of adorably wrapped presents!

Presents! Sorry for the blurry picture, I hadn’t got my camera working well so these are from my iPhone!

Pincushion! Such lovely fabric and sentimental buttons used so I feel honoured 🙂

Buttons! Lovely buttons as I love purple ❤ I need to find something lovely to use them on – I am planning to knit a jumper for myself so may well use them for that!

Some lovely turquoisey blue slubby cotton yarn! I need to find something cool to make this with 🙂

Some amazingly patterned craft string! I have no idea what to use this in but I want to use it!

An adorable crochet animals book! I don’t read Japanese (sorry!) but it looks simple enough to follow if you know how to crochet so a mission to learn!

Thanks Claire for hosting the swap and Diane for my amazing swap items!

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Blimmin ‘eck!!

Posted by pantgirl on April 29, 2010

Jeezo. This week has been utterly mental all round! One of the bosses dad died last week so he was off for 3 days and then the funeral was on Tuesday just there and he then took the Wednesday off when he texted the other boss at 8:15am Wednesday morning!!!  So as you can tell the last week-2 weeks have been quite mad. Ideally this practice is a 4-5 vet practice and they have been a part-time vet down for over a year so the other boss and I were running 3 branches between us. It was very, very busy, many clients were rearranged and some were cancelled but all seemed to take it ok which it the main thing. Yesterday was so so mad at work I can’t describe. This week has been utterly heaving with operations and we’re having trouble trying to fit them all in.  I’m blaming the full moon myself.  I got my lunch break yesterday at 3:40 then left for my evening surgery at 4:30. Madness.  Tomorrow doesn’t look much better BUT I am on a half day tomorrow (as my usual half-day on Wednesday was postponed due to the last-minute off-workness for the boss).

PHEW. Enough ranting.  I have been SO behind in things at home. I still haven’t finished my Cat Swap for which I am so annoyed at myself for. I will batter on with it tonight but I am on call so a bit worried I might get a call out. I also have been utilising my eBay app on my iPhone quite  a bit and have spent £23 on 3 items “for the summer” (my own excuse) but they were all either Roxy or Animal brand clothes so a massive saving! I hope they fit as the sizing on those brands can be very variable! I have also finally (again) started my eating healthy regime today with Porridge and a banana for lunch and some grilled turkey marinaded in a smidge of BBQ marinade and a salad on the side with 2 fresh radishes from my organic veg box. I need to keep going on this, I have no willpower after 10days usually. I also need to get back into doing my Jillian Michaels “30 Day Shred” DVD as I think it will work if I stick to it. I am so unfit it’s not right really.

God this has been waffling of the highest order! My only highlight (depending…) is that it is my Birthday this Sunday the 2nd May! I share my birthday with such celebrities as David Beckham, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Engelbert Humperdinck.  Amazing

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Craft Swaps

Posted by pantgirl on April 18, 2010

I received my Pincushion swap the other day which was AMAZING!  I also sent mine so until my recipient gets mine I shan’t reveal anything! I don’t know how long it’s going to take for her to get it due to this madness with the Volcano and Airmail now becoming snailmail.  I also forgot to put a wee note in it saying what everything was…I am sure one item she’ll have NO idea about so when you get it, ask me!

On other news i’m on call this weekend.  Hate it.  I hate being on edge all the time and even when i’m not on edge and begin to relax, I remember i’m on call and get on edge again!  One of my bosses covered my on call last night for a few hours so that I could go to the Amanda Palmer/Evelyn Evelyn show in Oran Mor in Glasgow West End.  Amanda had a heck of a time getting over and she was actually IN Iceland when the whole Volcano thing was happening and got on one of the last flights to Glasgow for the gig! Sadly the rest of her crew and the set and EVERYTHING was stuck in America which was a real shame as they had planned a theatrical evening around a theme but Amanda pulled it off with style and the internet saving the day with a Skype-ing Jason Webley In Boston helping with harmonies etc.  The whole event was really surreal and very entertaining.  I’m a wee bit gutted I didn’t get to see the show how they intended for it to be but hey ho, these things happen.  I also got this bag from the show which is pretty neat.

My other craft swap, the Feline Swap is coming along well.  My hands are sore from all the crafting!  Hopefully will get the majority finished today and then sent asap!  It’s annoying being on call as it means I’m stuck in and around Falkirk and can’t go into Glasgow or Edinburgh to get things for the swap so it’ll prob be sent away a wee bit late :\

In other news, my mum and sister are stuck in Perth, Australia for the forseeable future due to the aforementioned Volcano of doom. They were meant to be flying Perth-Dubai, Dubai-Glasgow but they got turned away at the airport in Perth for the Dubai flight.  Emirates aren’t flying anywhere til Monday but even then I don’t think they’ll be back til next weekend.  Mum is supposed to be at work on Monday morning and Mhairi is supposed to be playing for the RSNO in Glasgow on Thursday, either of which is NOT happening.  At least they are staying at a friend’s house rather than in a hotel so they are not spending that much more money luckily but it’s still annoying.  I did Skype her for the first time the other day on my iPhone app and that was all good.  News over there is a bit pish and I was telling them more info than they knew.  Oh well!

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Busy Night!

Posted by pantgirl on April 13, 2010

I have been fairly busy recently so I do apologise for not updating my blog as often as I should.  I am hurriedly trying to finish the Pincushion Swap to be sent tomorrow, should be all ok as I have a half day.  I hope she likes it!  I also need to start on the Feline Swap as well so busy busy!

I am on call tonight for my vets and an hour after getting home from work I get a phone call from a client with a pregnant bitch with a green discharge.  3 hours later and I am just back home after a cesarean section on a Beagle.  5/7 pups survived.  The first dead one was the one causing all the problems and the green discharge – premature placental separation most likely.  The owners were very happy with the surviving pups and they have all gone home with mum well and happy.  It was such hard work though! The majority of the cesareans I have done in the past have been ones that are having problems and therefore the puppies/kittens are usually dead so this time to have a good c-section was exciting!  It was very worrying to have the owners standing behind me whilst I cut open their bitch and start flinging puppies at them!  You can never have too many hands on deck at a cesarean.  The poor nurse was having to deal with me asking for things, the dog under the anaesthetic and trying to resuscitate just born puppies!  All went well though so i’m very happy.

My boyfriend has been making me a Sausage and veg stew tonight from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstalls latest book that my sister got me for Christmas “River Cottage Everyday” which is AMAZING.  I’ve already cooked the Chicken Cider and Mushroom casserole from it twice and its had rave reviews.  The recipes are just so easy to make and so tasty.  We’re using some of the sausages from Puddledub that we got (3 for 2!) at the Farmers Market this last weekend.  I also got a smoked Ham Shank which I intend to use for a ham and pea/lentil soup so I’m looking up recipes on that (although there is one in the above book as well).

Luckily I have a half day tomorrow to get over all this madness!

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Fun times

Posted by pantgirl on March 23, 2010

I’ve had a pretty busy last few days!  Friday night I managed to get off work slightly early and then headed into Glasgow to meet up with some friends from University.  The reason behind the meeting was that Matt F had just had his Viva for his PhD on some crazy Particle Physics subject so was basically all but a Dr!  Other friend, Matt D, is also doing a PhD and almost finished his.  His is all about  Statistics based on the accuracy of Faecal Egg Counts in Veterinary Lab Tests.  He gets to fly all over the world (Copenhagen, finland, South Africa etc) for conferences etc.  I feel i’m definitely in the wrong career!  Went along to the Common Rooms on Byres Road to meet up and had a quick munch in there too.  Matt D and I got our respective last trains home and Matt F headed off with some more of his friends to a club.  Was really fun to catch up and slip back into the old chat.  Plans have been made to meet up again and try to get more Uni folk to meet up – maybe even rent a chalet somewhere and have a weekend away together?  I would really love this plan to come to fruition.

Saturday went along to Almondvale in Livingston for a wee browse but it was a fairly quiet day all round.  Sunday I fancied going to Edinburgh for a wee trundle around.  Last time I was there was Christmas time in the snow on a quest to get my mum a fancy necklace, before that was at the Fringe Festival time.  Rob and I had a wee picnic on the train on the way over and then had a good old wander round Edinburgh. Went into a few shops, Rob checked out Forbidden Planet and then we headed past Greyfriars Bobby (havent been there for years) up to K1 Yarns where I picked up 2 lovely yarns to make my pincushion swap with.  I was impressed with the free bag I got from K1 Yarns to put my yarn into – recycled newspaper bags from India!

We then had a Coffee and cake (at Starbucks…oops) and then got the train back to a roast chicken dinner and an episode of The Wire.

All in all a lovely wee weekend.  Have made a good start on my pincushion for the swap!  Quite excited, I hope it works out!  I am amalgamating 2 patterns I found together and I think it’ll work quite well finger crossed!

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Dara O’Briain

Posted by pantgirl on March 19, 2010

The title is pretty self explanatory. Went to see him tonight in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall and it was great! I was worried that I would be late back from work and therefore late for the show. Luckily, even though 4 extra consults booked in last minute we managed to leave in good time and got to Glasgow just before ten to 8. Dara was great, really funny and talks a heck of a lot faster in real life! He’s also a lot taller (didn’t realise he’s 6 foot 4!!!) and just a lovely funny guy. There aren’t many comedians that I love but Dara’s one of them (along with Bill Bailey).

After the gig my boyfriend and I popped along to Peckhams on Glassford street for a late night dinner which was amazing. I had mushroom quiche and pecan pie and Rob had vegetable lasagne and white chocolate cheesecake. Heavenly. Just back in the door so need to head to my bed!

Tomorrow will be busy too as I’m hopefully meeting 2 guys from uni after work on Byres Road tomorrow so that should be ace. I’m also miffed as since I’ve been out Wed/Thur and then Fri I haven’t had a chance to continue my Jillian Michaels 30 day shred DVD that I did for 3 days with gusto. Most annoyed so will start that proper after tomorrow night. I also bought some yarn to start my car swap project with but need to get some more for my pincushion swap!

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