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Posted by pantgirl on January 27, 2011

Sorry for the abrupt and extended absence!  A very VERY stressful move occurred from the Central region to Glasgow!  We moved the last week of November which, as you probably remember, was the week the horrendous mental snow began.  Cue us having to shove my car out numerous times full of stuff and a van managing to get in to move all the furniture etc.  Very stressful but all done now!  Still haven’t fully unpacked as our new flat is a duplex (oooooooOOOoo) so we plopped everything downstairs and have taken everything but all the heaviest stuff up to the first floor where we basically live (comics/books etcccc).  Still have to get blinds on the windows but luckily our bedroom window overlooks a church so it’s quite secluded really!

My new job is going ok too.  I’m now an Out of Hours (OOH for short) Vet, so work nights – 6pm-9am.  Sounds a LOT but usually we do get a good few hours sleep!  It’s one week on and one week off so currently I’m on my week off (yay!). I’ve been very good today phoning loads of people and organising stuff (like getting new brake pads + discs tomorrow = ££).  Still a big change from normal Vetty stuff but I think I’m getting there!

What else…err…Had my mums 60th Birthday at the beginning of December so that was fun fighting through the snow to get to that!  Was very good fun and she enjoyed her gift – a nice Sheila Fleet necklace that she’s had her eye on for a while.  I also got the ‘flu the week of Christmas. I’ve never had it before, only numerous colds of varying badness so this totally knocked me for six.  The bad thing was, it started late Sunday night, and I had to work starting 6pm on the Monday.  I wasn’t impressed.  Luckily the bad weather meant Monday was quiet so I slept loads but Tuesday night we had a GDV to operate on and call my boss in to help.  Glad we did as I had to leave the operation twice to try not to faint/throw up.  Utterly horrific.

Christmas was spent recuperating from the cold.  I even got the train up to Aberdeen as I didn’t think I could physically cope with the drive (especially straight after nightshift…) and I totally passed out drooling in my aisle chair.  Mouth gaping, probably snoring.  Nice.  Best thing I got for Christmas was probably…my Roomba from mum!  I asked her for one but didn’t think she’d get me one but she got a good deal on one and…ta da!

It’s amazing!  I hate hoovering at the best of times, sore back etc etc, so this is actually pretty good!  Picks up pretty much everything.  The main thing is to actually clear the floor of clutter first off and then it’s away.  I lock it into rooms on its own and leave it to do its work.  My boyfriend linked me to this Onion article when I got it and I find it pretty hilarious.

Lots going on soon.  My mum and auntie are coming down for the weekend in  2 weeks time as my sis and I bought mum tickets to go see Strictly Come Dancing in Glasgow, mainly as I live there now and have plenty of space to accommodate people staying over so it saves them some money.  Then the last weekend in February, two friends from Uni are getting married up North near Inverness.  I had a wee flaky panic trying to find accommodation that had good reviews AND was near the reception but finally managed to find a lovely looking B&B not far from the reception PLUS a huge locally sourced Scottish Brekkie AND it’s fairly cheap but in a lovely period Victorian building!  Bonus!

Wee weekend away will be fun.  Need to find a dress now as my usual staple go-to Wedding/formal occasion dress has been worn before in front of them at our Graduation Ball!  Oops!

Also, sorry for the absence but the main reason was that when we officially moved in on Dec 1st, I rang O2 to install a home phone + broadband and the earliest engineer date was the 18th Jan!  Having sweet, sweet internet back is amazing.  Our tv aerial isn’t working (Landlord is going to investigate) so I need access to my fave programmes, specially as Hells Kitchen is already like 3 weeks in!!


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