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Good news!

Posted by pantgirl on November 13, 2010

The big news and hoo haa was all over a new job that I have now definitely finally got in Glasgow!  So so happy that finally, 4 years and 4 months after last living in Glasgow, I am now moving back!  The job is a big change for me but hopefully it wont be too stressful!  This Monday i’m signing a new lease with my boyfriend on a lovely flat which is so so huge compared to my current one!  I’m also off on 2 weeks holiday from my current job just now so it all times in perfectly (ish).  Working my last 3 days at work on call and during the day from the 26-29th November and then not starting my new job til the 6th Dec as it’s my mums 60th Birthday on the 2nd Dec and I already had that week booked off my current job.

I’ve been dead sad and been looking up things like furniture, elec/gas prices and watching Kirsties Homemade Homes getting hints and tips and forcing my mum to go with me to Thainstone Market this Sunday so I can browse household bargains (I’m up in Aberdeen the now visiting her and on secret missions for planning her birthday…). Not looking forward to moving flats only 18 months after moving into this one (we have a lot more LARGE furniture to move including a 46inch LCD tv :|) so I feel it will be done gradually in a few trips!  I’m tempted to be really sad and download an iPhone moving app just to be a right fanny…  Might actually start packing when I get back from Aberdeen.  Rob and I have SO MANY books plus he has two shelves worth of graphic novels!  I can’t complain, I have two shelves on the other bookcase full of Veterinary magazines and books/CPD course booklets etc etc.  Urgh.

Well, I digress, I kinda like moving.  I like packing and unpacking and getting things organised and put away in their places and making the place look nice.  I hate carrying all the boxes up and down stairs.  I always seem to pick flats up stairs.  My current one is 2nd floor…my new one is 2nd floor too.  The only difference is the new one is an old Glasgow tenement building with winding worn down stone stairs which should be very interesting to get things up and down!!  I will try and post some pics from inside the flat when I get access on Monday. They probably wont do it justice!  Also, if anyone has any links to interior blogs or house accoutrements such as pretty prints and rugs and stuff, link me up!  I already follow Conversation Pieces which is ace.  Might go on another search/quest round Etsy and Folksy!


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