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Christmas is coming…

Posted by pantgirl on October 4, 2010

And i’m panicking about presents!  I have decided to make a good few of my presents this year.  This has involved me trawling Ravelry, plotting and planning some presents for friends and family.  My sister has really obvious fashion choices so I decided to pick her first!  A few years back I made her some Matrix Mittens from Knitty which she loved and still uses to this day (even though it was made in my early knitting days and I chose the totally wrong kinda of wool for it and there were a few minor mistakes… but it worked!).

So I decided to make this hat (that I found on Ravelry) using some wool I bought years ago to make the Official Kittyville Hat (but I found out I needed 3 skeins and I only had two…).  The hat is supposed to be slouchy but mine has come out not slouchy at all (I do have a rather big noggin) but I haven’t blocked it yet.

(I’ll post a better pic when I find my charger for my camera!)

My mum requested something for her Christmas as well when she found out I was making my sister something!  I don’t know what to make her, she doesn’t wear hats and I have never seen her in gloves, but she does wear scarves (of the light option) a fair bit.  I need to look through some more patterns and decide on one and then attempt my first ever laceweight or similar piece!  My own project, the Owls jumper, is on standby just as I was getting bored knitting the sleeve and couldn’t face doing the other straight away hence why  did this wee hat project in-between.  I have some other plans for some friends but nothing set in stone as of yet!

Nothing much else has been happening recently.  I managed to finish the hat this weekend as I was on call (again, groan) but luckily only had one call out! What a relief but it still ruins my whole weekend as I have to sit in waiting around and cannot go more than 20miles away from the practice.  It meant I missed a good few gigs this weekend but hey ho, things happen.  This weekend I have a friend from university’s engagement party on Friday night and then…something possibly very interesting on Saturday night and then maybe meeting my mum for lunch on Sunday.  She’s going away for a week to Portugal with her friend Moira during the October break (my mum is a Music Teacher) and staying in a Travelodge in Ayr before flying away on Monday morning from Prestwick.  That’s about it really apart from the fact that a really cool guy I know is now in a hospice with a brain tumour that he had been fighting off for a year but it looks like his battle is reaching an end soon.  Horrifying.  I might go and see him on Monday with Vonnie but i’m always feart of seeing someone not as how I used to remember them.  Happens to us all eventually I suppose.


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