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I’ve got a Golden Ticket…

Posted by pantgirl on November 16, 2010

This all started last weekend when the new River Cottage app was released and I downloaded it for my iPhone.  They had a competition where they had hidden 20 golden tickets all over the UK and just given the town and postcode.  There were 3 in Glasgow and one in Edinburgh and the rest seemed to be in the middle of nowhere or down in England. This all happened the day I was going up to Aberdeen for 4 days!  I was gutted as I thought they would all go asap.  All the England ones have pretty much gone, and the Edinburgh one, but not the Glasgow ones so I took my boyf into Glasgow today to go on a hunt and we found one!  In IJ Mellis Cheesemonger on Great Western Road!  I was so happy.  I have now emailed in the code to the email address and just looked up the possible prizes.  Of course, the majority are cheaper prizes like a free River Cottage Diary or River Cottage Every Day cookbook (which I already have…) but the rest of the prizes are ace, like the top one, win a private meal for you and 10 friends at River Cottage HQ!  Other ace ones are cookery courses etc.  Hope I win a good one!

We also trekked over to Ikea and absolutely stuffed my wee Corsa full of stuff for the new flat.  It took some positioning and shoving but we got a new dining table, 4 chairs, 2 foldy chairs and a new computer desk chair, phew!  Then went to the new flat and lugged it all up 2 flights of stairs and stored it in the new flats pantry in the Kitchen (very spacious!). Very knackering day.  Came back to my current flat in Polmont and have just collapsed onto the sofa.  Had a M&S Dine In meal for 2 that I bought at the weekend in Aberdeen so that was yum, and watched the 3rd episode of The Walking Dead.  I get very scared by real life (ie tv/film) zombies and I don’t know why. I know they aren’t real but my rational mind goes bye byes when I watch zombie things.  I blame my younger days playing Resident Evil 2 on my ancient PS1.  Ruined me that game has.

Tomorrow will be spent relaxing and enjoying my time off!  Off work til next Friday, then finished that Monday!  Still need to organise a work night out for my leaving.  No idea when I can fit that in as I might go down to see my sister in Manchester beginning of next week.  Ahhh so hectic!


11 Responses to “I’ve got a Golden Ticket…”

  1. Sheepiestar said

    Congratulations on the Golden Ticket. Found this post as I was looking to see if anybody had claimed the top prizes too. I found one in Glasgow yesterday too. In Tapa Coffeehouse on Pollockshaws road. I’d been looking for the one in Cardross but couldn’t find it.

    Lets hope we win one of the better prizes. I too have the everyday book.

    Note that you are in Polmont – I’m along the road and from Linlithgow Bridge

    • pantgirl said

      How funny! I was looking up the postcode for the one on the South Side and there were a few delis that came up and that Coffee House and I thought it might be in there too! I don’t know how long its going to take for the prizes to be announced…maybe when all the prizes are claimed? The one in Cardross could be in a few places, tea shop or the National Trust house/gardens around there! I went for the obvious one!

  2. Sheepiestar said

    Yeah, I suspect it might be in the National trust property although it looks like it’s shut for the winter.

    I’m not in Glasgow much but if you are passing Tapa they sell fantastic bread from their bakery.

    I have not heard anything about the prizes yet either. Looks like they might just be drawing them once they are all found. Oooh the suspense.

  3. Kennyonabike said

    Hello have you heard back from river cottage yet? I found the one in Cardross, on my second attempt as the owners were unaware of it until their daughter told them.

  4. JXN said


    So this seems to be where the Golden Ticket party’s at.

    I found one in Lewes, East Sussex…still haven’t heard back from them yet. Despite casually harassing their inbox for about 2 weeks now.

    Anyone heard anything yet?

  5. Sheepiestar said

    Well I won the RC diary. Bit of a disappointment given the effort and expense I went to, to track it down. Would have been much cheaper buying myself. Hope you all had a bit better luck. What did you all win?

  6. Kennyonabike said

    How did you hear back? I still haven’t heard!!

    • sheepiestar said

      Received an e-mail from them before Xmas. Nothing arrived yet though. Pretty shabby. Makes you wonder what they are up to as well?

  7. Maisidais said

    Oh wow, now I don’t feel so bad! I haven’t heard back from them either. Really shabby considering I got an acknowledgement email saying they’d get back to me “within a few days” on 12 November…

  8. Kennyonabike said

    I got the cookbook which was signed by Hugh. We are keeping it as our spare copy tho as we already had it. Not the prize I hoped for but def better than nothing!!

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