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Autumn is coming…

Posted by pantgirl on September 26, 2010

And it makes me want to hibernate and eat stodgey foods by the bucketload!  Have managed that quite well this week with Chorizo/beef/broad bean stew on Monday, Carbonara and chorizo carbonara, chicken, cider and mushroom casserole and spaghetti bolognaise today!  I have been trying hard recently to cook meals from scratch and its going well!  Been managing to go to the gym regularly as well so it’s all evening out.

My jumper is going well. I’ve finished the body

and also finished one of the sleeves.  Working hundreds of rows in stockingette stitch on dpns is NOT GOOD.  I constantly get laddering even though me tension is as tight as anything!  Tightening up and shifting stitches around seems to help in the end.  I want to get this finished but I also cannot FACE making another sleeve just now! URGH!  It’ll be fine when I get going I know but it’s just the whole casting on small on dpns then getting going gets on my nerves.  Might knit a hat in the meantime as a wee break.  I was going to knit the famous Knittyville hat but discovered that I don’t have enough of the yarn that I bought for it (3/4 years ago now…no hope in hell of finding another matching dyelot!) so trying to find another quick knit up hat to use up this wool.  I finished Estella…and then discovered when I got to the decreasing secton that I had done the pattern TOTALLY wrong!  It still looks fine unless you know what the pattern is!  I mainly got confused with the start/end of the rows on the slouch section. Oops!  Here’s Audrey modelling it  before I blocked it:

On call next weekend which I am, of course, dreading as always.  This week I do have the joy of going to see the Manic Street Preachers on Wednesday in Glasgow.  Quite looking forward to that as I am enjoying the latest album a fair bit. I am still looking forward to the London Vet Show, especially as I finally got our flights and accommodation booked (for ok rates I think).  The boss left it to me as, being male, he cannot be arsed and would pick the first think that came up, but I looked and sifted through hotels and read LOADS of reviews on Tripadvisor (I love that website!) and finally got one with a good deal.  Not looking forward to travelling with him as he hates airplanes and flying and also the tube.  Hmm.  I might pretend I don’t know him or something!  Nah he’s ace really, just likes to moan about his bad back!

Had a lovely day yesterday trundling around the Edinburgh farmers market and getting lots of lovely meat.  Might get some game the next time but I wouldn’t know what to do with Partridge, Rabbit or Hare!  Recipes welcome!  I really want to go to Ikea this week as well but didn’t have time yesterday, maybe on my halfday this Thursday.


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On call…

Posted by pantgirl on September 4, 2010

I’m on call again this weekend so obviously I get bored and decide to make a blog post!  I do need to do this more often but it’s been a hectic week or two with quite a few strange and unexpected operations in (3 surprise exlaps!) plus all last weekend I was in Aberdeen at the Lonach Highland Games in Strathdon.  The day was a bit drizzly but generally it was all good.  Smelling Whisky at 9am is never a good thing!

The three surprise exlaps (exploratory laparotomies, basically open up the abdomen and see what’s going on) were all completely different things.  Firstly was a Staffie with a gastric foreign body (chew toy), second was an older Staffie with an intestinal tumour (poss lymphoma, not good prospects longterm) and lastly was a young German Shepherd with an intussuception (where part of the intestine telescopes in on itself – only happens in young dogs and also in young humans as well!).   So all in it’s been a bit mental.

I’ve started knitting my first ever jumper, Owls by Kate Davies.  The only thing is my circular needles are too long at 80cm just now so I need to get a 6.5mm 60cm circular which I should have soon as I want to get going!  As I couldn’t get going on the jumper due to needle problems, I started on my first ever hat, Estella by Ysolda Teague which is going well so far!  I got a bit confused at the beginning of the lace round but i’ve got it in my head now so it’s all going well!  The only thing is I think the hat is going to be well small for me :/  I’m hoping I can remedy this when I block it or else find someone with a smaller noggin than me to gift it to!  It possibly is the yarn i’m using but I should’ve swatched before (I never do really…I should but I didn’t have much yarn left to waste on a swatch first!) but you live and learn!

In other exciting news my boss and I are off to the London Vet Show at the end of next month (ooh err). I’m rather excited, mainly as it’s my first ever Veterinary convention!  Yay!  I am quite sad.  ALSO my boss is paying for the flights and accommodation, yus. I’m in charge of finding it though so have found cheap flights with BMI and possibly a nice/cheap hotel. Fingers crossed will all be booked next week!  I also have almost 3 weeks holiday left to take this year so the boyf and I are probably heading off for some winter sun in November and then i’ll take the rest off for my mums 60th Birthday right at the beginning of December.  Quite exciting really!  SO much planned for the next few months!

We’ve also started a wee health kick and so far i’ve lost around 1kg this week (according to my work scales…).  My fave meal that I made before the health kick (as its prob DEAD fatty) was Chorizo and Broad Bean stew that I made with veg from our veg box delivery.  It was very very yummy.  Kinda invented the recipe myself and i’m pretty proud of it 🙂

That’s all so far.  I’m quite miffed at missing 4 things this weekend when i’m on call (2 gigs, friends birthday night out and friends baby’s christening) but hey ho, these things happen 😦

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