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Busy week!

Posted by pantgirl on August 19, 2010

I have been rather busy this last week, well really from last weekend! Last Friday we went to a school friend of Robs wedding reception in Glasgow.  It was very rushed after work but was really lovely. My new dress was ace and I lasted almost 2 hours in my heels before discarding them due to pain!  Then on Saturday, Rob and I went along to the Dean Gallery to see the Surrealists Exhibition.  We had been at the Dean Gallery in June to go and see the Diane Arbus exhibition as Rob is a big fan of her photographs.  I hadn’t heard of her but recognised some of her work and really enjoyed her exhibition.

The Surrealists exhibition, named “Another World” takes up most of the entire gallery space and consisted of a whole spectrum of art from the very beginning “Dada” works all the way through to vaguely recently.  I recognised some names (Magritte, Picasso, Dali being the obvious ones) and some pieces (“The Fountain”) and was also surprised by the appearance of pieces of surrealist work by Desmond Morris, the TV presenter and zoologist!  I have to say that, surprisingly, I did enjoy myself again.  Ok, some pieces I had no idea what they were depicting and others I thought were utter guff, but the majority of them were lovely, and a treasure to see.

After the exhibition, we met up with Robs sister and her wife and went to Centotre Italian restaurant for a bit to eat before going to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.  Now, I had vague ideas about the plot and hadn’t seen the film so the stage show was a complete surprise to me.  I actually really enjoyed it (although I missed the first song as i went to the loo and then the bar, oops!).  I think Rob has found a copy of the film so i’ll try and catch that this weekend at some point.  Hedwig started and finished really late and we got back at around 2am!

Sunday we went into Glasgow as I wanted to find some yarn for a jumper I wanted to try to knit, but I was unsuccessful so we went for an early dinner at Dimaggios on the Royal Exchange Square and sat outside as the weather was lovely!  The rest of this week i’ve been working but work has been pretty dead!  Have had a few interesting cases in such as a cat that is now going to have its leg amputated tomorrow after someone shot it with an airgun and an old boxer that has pretty much zero white blood cells and not many red blood cells (thinking some sort of bone marrow disease – myeloid leukaemia most likely) but we’re waiting on blood results back from the lab and might be referring him.  On Monday I also took part in the online twEATS ran by River Cottage/Landshare/Central Station and NVA to promote the Glasgow Harvest Festival at the end of this month.  The food I made was really scrummy and there was enough for my lunch the next day and Rob used the homemade pesto on his steak and said it was lovely.


The jumper I mentioned earlier that I want to knit is OWLS by Kate Davies.  It’s my first ever attempt at a jumper and I bought yarn from it from Cucumberpatch.  I bought more than I needed and got 11 skeins of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Chunky in a bluey gray colourway.  I think it’ll look nice with the owl cabling at the yoke.  I cast on for it last night (after picking up the package of yarn from the Post Office) BUT my 80cm circular needles are far too long and I cannot physically knit with them so I need to purchase a pair of 60cm ones!  I then cast on for Ysoldas Estella hat pattern and have been going well on that with 1 minor frogging so far but I feel I may have to frog a whole row as I misunderstood one of the instructions as it’s supposed to be knit on a small circular as well and i’m using dpns!  Will get a small (40cm or less) circular for that and get it sorted tomorrow!  I have 3 projects unfinished at the moment (Elijah, Fetching and Kate the cat for my as yet unsent Feline Swap…oops…not received anything yet since the swap finished in April so i’m sure they forgot too!) so I need to get them finished.  I finally finished Elijahs ear the other night as I finally taught myself how to do short rows with the wrap and turn method and it came out beautifully!

This weekend my sister is coming to stay for a few days next week as she is playing in the RSNO again.  She’s a freelance professional double bass player and plays in loads of orchestras across the UK as a “dep” when people are off sick or on holiday etc.  She really wants a permanent job in an Orchestra but these are hard to come by and she’s getting good experience and contacts this way anyway.  I need to gut the flat before she comes up, at least this time we have the spare bedroom bed FINALLY up and functional!  Need to hoover the place well as she’s allergic to cats but she’s not been too bad the last few times she’s been here.  Then next weekend it’s the Lonach Highland Games in Strathdon!  Our family does a dram stop on the marchers route (ours is now after Billy Connollys one since he restarted that stop) and then we go to the games in the afternoon.  It’s a long day with us up early to try and get to Bellabeg for the marchers leaving to count them and see how many drams we need to lay out!

That’s it for now. I need to update more frequently so I don’t end up with a jumble of interesting things so I can concentrate more on one subject!  In other notes, the new cat litter is going amazingly well!  I haven’t had to change her litter tray in a week and its really absorbent and fab!  I am converted!

Sleepy cat says “time for bed!”


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