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Blimmin ‘eck!!

Posted by pantgirl on April 29, 2010

Jeezo. This week has been utterly mental all round! One of the bosses dad died last week so he was off for 3 days and then the funeral was on Tuesday just there and he then took the Wednesday off when he texted the other boss at 8:15am Wednesday morning!!!  So as you can tell the last week-2 weeks have been quite mad. Ideally this practice is a 4-5 vet practice and they have been a part-time vet down for over a year so the other boss and I were running 3 branches between us. It was very, very busy, many clients were rearranged and some were cancelled but all seemed to take it ok which it the main thing. Yesterday was so so mad at work I can’t describe. This week has been utterly heaving with operations and we’re having trouble trying to fit them all in.  I’m blaming the full moon myself.  I got my lunch break yesterday at 3:40 then left for my evening surgery at 4:30. Madness.  Tomorrow doesn’t look much better BUT I am on a half day tomorrow (as my usual half-day on Wednesday was postponed due to the last-minute off-workness for the boss).

PHEW. Enough ranting.  I have been SO behind in things at home. I still haven’t finished my Cat Swap for which I am so annoyed at myself for. I will batter on with it tonight but I am on call so a bit worried I might get a call out. I also have been utilising my eBay app on my iPhone quite  a bit and have spent £23 on 3 items “for the summer” (my own excuse) but they were all either Roxy or Animal brand clothes so a massive saving! I hope they fit as the sizing on those brands can be very variable! I have also finally (again) started my eating healthy regime today with Porridge and a banana for lunch and some grilled turkey marinaded in a smidge of BBQ marinade and a salad on the side with 2 fresh radishes from my organic veg box. I need to keep going on this, I have no willpower after 10days usually. I also need to get back into doing my Jillian Michaels “30 Day Shred” DVD as I think it will work if I stick to it. I am so unfit it’s not right really.

God this has been waffling of the highest order! My only highlight (depending…) is that it is my Birthday this Sunday the 2nd May! I share my birthday with such celebrities as David Beckham, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Engelbert Humperdinck.  Amazing


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Craft Swaps

Posted by pantgirl on April 18, 2010

I received my Pincushion swap the other day which was AMAZING!  I also sent mine so until my recipient gets mine I shan’t reveal anything! I don’t know how long it’s going to take for her to get it due to this madness with the Volcano and Airmail now becoming snailmail.  I also forgot to put a wee note in it saying what everything was…I am sure one item she’ll have NO idea about so when you get it, ask me!

On other news i’m on call this weekend.  Hate it.  I hate being on edge all the time and even when i’m not on edge and begin to relax, I remember i’m on call and get on edge again!  One of my bosses covered my on call last night for a few hours so that I could go to the Amanda Palmer/Evelyn Evelyn show in Oran Mor in Glasgow West End.  Amanda had a heck of a time getting over and she was actually IN Iceland when the whole Volcano thing was happening and got on one of the last flights to Glasgow for the gig! Sadly the rest of her crew and the set and EVERYTHING was stuck in America which was a real shame as they had planned a theatrical evening around a theme but Amanda pulled it off with style and the internet saving the day with a Skype-ing Jason Webley In Boston helping with harmonies etc.  The whole event was really surreal and very entertaining.  I’m a wee bit gutted I didn’t get to see the show how they intended for it to be but hey ho, these things happen.  I also got this bag from the show which is pretty neat.

My other craft swap, the Feline Swap is coming along well.  My hands are sore from all the crafting!  Hopefully will get the majority finished today and then sent asap!  It’s annoying being on call as it means I’m stuck in and around Falkirk and can’t go into Glasgow or Edinburgh to get things for the swap so it’ll prob be sent away a wee bit late :\

In other news, my mum and sister are stuck in Perth, Australia for the forseeable future due to the aforementioned Volcano of doom. They were meant to be flying Perth-Dubai, Dubai-Glasgow but they got turned away at the airport in Perth for the Dubai flight.  Emirates aren’t flying anywhere til Monday but even then I don’t think they’ll be back til next weekend.  Mum is supposed to be at work on Monday morning and Mhairi is supposed to be playing for the RSNO in Glasgow on Thursday, either of which is NOT happening.  At least they are staying at a friend’s house rather than in a hotel so they are not spending that much more money luckily but it’s still annoying.  I did Skype her for the first time the other day on my iPhone app and that was all good.  News over there is a bit pish and I was telling them more info than they knew.  Oh well!

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Busy Night!

Posted by pantgirl on April 13, 2010

I have been fairly busy recently so I do apologise for not updating my blog as often as I should.  I am hurriedly trying to finish the Pincushion Swap to be sent tomorrow, should be all ok as I have a half day.  I hope she likes it!  I also need to start on the Feline Swap as well so busy busy!

I am on call tonight for my vets and an hour after getting home from work I get a phone call from a client with a pregnant bitch with a green discharge.  3 hours later and I am just back home after a cesarean section on a Beagle.  5/7 pups survived.  The first dead one was the one causing all the problems and the green discharge – premature placental separation most likely.  The owners were very happy with the surviving pups and they have all gone home with mum well and happy.  It was such hard work though! The majority of the cesareans I have done in the past have been ones that are having problems and therefore the puppies/kittens are usually dead so this time to have a good c-section was exciting!  It was very worrying to have the owners standing behind me whilst I cut open their bitch and start flinging puppies at them!  You can never have too many hands on deck at a cesarean.  The poor nurse was having to deal with me asking for things, the dog under the anaesthetic and trying to resuscitate just born puppies!  All went well though so i’m very happy.

My boyfriend has been making me a Sausage and veg stew tonight from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstalls latest book that my sister got me for Christmas “River Cottage Everyday” which is AMAZING.  I’ve already cooked the Chicken Cider and Mushroom casserole from it twice and its had rave reviews.  The recipes are just so easy to make and so tasty.  We’re using some of the sausages from Puddledub that we got (3 for 2!) at the Farmers Market this last weekend.  I also got a smoked Ham Shank which I intend to use for a ham and pea/lentil soup so I’m looking up recipes on that (although there is one in the above book as well).

Luckily I have a half day tomorrow to get over all this madness!

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