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The ponderings and boring life of a Scottish Vet

All about me

Well this is my first real blog (after the joy that is Livejournal of course..but thats more for rantings etc) and I don’t really know why I have one!  I’m sure my life is pretty dull to everyone but oh well, here we go.

I’m a 26 year old Veterinary Surgeon, born and bred in Aberdeenshire before moving down to Glasgow to attend uni there. I then moved to the Wirral for my first job before returning over 2 years later to Central Scotland. I’ve been back up in Scotland since May 09 and it’s all going well.  Living and working in a Vet Practice inbetween Glasgow and Edinburgh and still looking for a job to get me back into Glasgow so I can be nearer my amazing friends.

I live in my wee rented flat with my boyfriend, Rob, and my rescued kittencat Audrey (rescued from work). Things are pretty sweet all round and i’m fairly content with my life.

This blog will be…well…I don’t know really!  Probably random Vet stories and boring things from my day to day life!  I’m also pretty rubbish at thos Wordpres malarky so need to zoom around tweaking things here and there and getting a suitable picture for my header up there.


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