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Fun times

Posted by pantgirl on March 23, 2010

I’ve had a pretty busy last few days!  Friday night I managed to get off work slightly early and then headed into Glasgow to meet up with some friends from University.  The reason behind the meeting was that Matt F had just had his Viva for his PhD on some crazy Particle Physics subject so was basically all but a Dr!  Other friend, Matt D, is also doing a PhD and almost finished his.  His is all about  Statistics based on the accuracy of Faecal Egg Counts in Veterinary Lab Tests.  He gets to fly all over the world (Copenhagen, finland, South Africa etc) for conferences etc.  I feel i’m definitely in the wrong career!  Went along to the Common Rooms on Byres Road to meet up and had a quick munch in there too.  Matt D and I got our respective last trains home and Matt F headed off with some more of his friends to a club.  Was really fun to catch up and slip back into the old chat.  Plans have been made to meet up again and try to get more Uni folk to meet up – maybe even rent a chalet somewhere and have a weekend away together?  I would really love this plan to come to fruition.

Saturday went along to Almondvale in Livingston for a wee browse but it was a fairly quiet day all round.  Sunday I fancied going to Edinburgh for a wee trundle around.  Last time I was there was Christmas time in the snow on a quest to get my mum a fancy necklace, before that was at the Fringe Festival time.  Rob and I had a wee picnic on the train on the way over and then had a good old wander round Edinburgh. Went into a few shops, Rob checked out Forbidden Planet and then we headed past Greyfriars Bobby (havent been there for years) up to K1 Yarns where I picked up 2 lovely yarns to make my pincushion swap with.  I was impressed with the free bag I got from K1 Yarns to put my yarn into – recycled newspaper bags from India!

We then had a Coffee and cake (at Starbucks…oops) and then got the train back to a roast chicken dinner and an episode of The Wire.

All in all a lovely wee weekend.  Have made a good start on my pincushion for the swap!  Quite excited, I hope it works out!  I am amalgamating 2 patterns I found together and I think it’ll work quite well finger crossed!


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Dara O’Briain

Posted by pantgirl on March 19, 2010

The title is pretty self explanatory. Went to see him tonight in the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall and it was great! I was worried that I would be late back from work and therefore late for the show. Luckily, even though 4 extra consults booked in last minute we managed to leave in good time and got to Glasgow just before ten to 8. Dara was great, really funny and talks a heck of a lot faster in real life! He’s also a lot taller (didn’t realise he’s 6 foot 4!!!) and just a lovely funny guy. There aren’t many comedians that I love but Dara’s one of them (along with Bill Bailey).

After the gig my boyfriend and I popped along to Peckhams on Glassford street for a late night dinner which was amazing. I had mushroom quiche and pecan pie and Rob had vegetable lasagne and white chocolate cheesecake. Heavenly. Just back in the door so need to head to my bed!

Tomorrow will be busy too as I’m hopefully meeting 2 guys from uni after work on Byres Road tomorrow so that should be ace. I’m also miffed as since I’ve been out Wed/Thur and then Fri I haven’t had a chance to continue my Jillian Michaels 30 day shred DVD that I did for 3 days with gusto. Most annoyed so will start that proper after tomorrow night. I also bought some yarn to start my car swap project with but need to get some more for my pincushion swap!

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Posted by pantgirl on March 16, 2010

For quite a while now i’ve read some of my friends blogs and been quite envious at the craft swaps that they have been a part of and the cool things they send and receive.  This has meant that in a space of a few days, I have now signed up to two swaps!  The cat swap over at ilovespoiltpig and the pincushion swap over at Claire’s Crafty Blog.  This has resulted in me panicking like crazy over making a “good impression” and I have been scouring Ravelry for cool patterns to knit for both of them.  I think I have found two so tomorrow, on my half day, I shall head into Glasgow and go yarn shopping!  I don’t know where else to go for yarn in Glasgow apart from John Lewis so will have a look about online tonight.

Apart from that excitement, my weekend was quiet. Went to my friend Crystals housewarming party on Friday night which was lovely to catch up, then I was working Sat morning and on call all weekend which meant I had to stay close to Falkirk and limits what I can do.  Went out on Saturday night to the p/t Vets leaving do (she’s off on Maternity leave end of this week) which was a lovely Chinese in Larbert and was very pleasant although I couldn’t drink.  Sunday heading into Falkirk for the Farmers Market and picked up a whole load of yummy meat!

L-R Beef Olives (stuffed with tomato and basil sausage meat, smoked bacon bits, Pork Belly and Pheasant and Apricot Sausages (may contain shot!!).  We also had a lovely Venison burger whilst browsing the stalls which was also amazing.  If I had enough money I would totally buy from these small farms and organic etc places all the time but they are pretty expensive (although I think these meats were all very reasonably priced!).  I am looking into getting an organic veg box but there is far too much choice annoyingly!  Some of them ask for a key to get into your close which worries me slightly but I suppose it’s the easiest option.

Few things planned for the rest of this week: Wed, boyfriends band is playing again (8pm Capitol), Thursday going to see Dara O’Briain at the Royal Concert hall (really excited about that, I love him), and then Friday I might be meting up with the two Matts from Uni that I havent seen in yonks (both doing Phds worryingly!).  Hope everyone is well!

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My New Love…

Posted by pantgirl on March 10, 2010

Sounds ominous but really it’s Calamari.  Had some at Boteco Do Brasil at the weekend and went back AGAIN the next day to have some again! Never had it before so I was brave and tried something new and was pleasantly surprised!  Now I want to make it myself but having trouble sourcing Squid so my new mission is to find a good local fishmonger.

Calamari rings, Chorizo and steak = very yum!

I am planning a vetty update here – probably regarding this ‘ interesting’ new Government plan for compulsory chipping + 3rd party insurance on all dogs.  I still need to ponder the pros and cons a bit more but I do think it’s more talk and ideas that, if implemented and policed correctly could be a good thing.  In all honesty, and this probably sounds highly snobby coming from me (and my experience with certain pet owners) but the people whose animals are a nuisance and attack people/property etc are usually the kind of people who would ignore this legislation completely and find ways of wriggling out of prosecution “Oh that’s not my dog anymore – I sold it to some guy at the pub” etc.   I probably have already become too wise or aware I suppose would be the right words, to the tricks certain pet owners pull.  Oh dear, this has gone on a ranty tangent! I do apologise!

Other news, I do plan to take part in my first ever craft swap – the Felidae Craft Swap run by ilovespoiltpig.  I even bought the first part to put towards it today in advance!  I have absolutely no idea what to make for it though as my crafting skills are very limited to pretty much just knitting…or a picture of my kitten sleeping!

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First Blog Post

Posted by pantgirl on March 7, 2010

Wow, original title eh?  Does what it says though. Right, I don’t know quite what to write here for my first post.  I have so many things I want to rant about (Vegan Cat food for one and awful animal breeders) but I think they are far too…heavy for a first post which should be an introduction!  This is me:

Yes…not the best picture ever but I haven’t really got any decent/recent ones of me as my digital camera is an ancient beast and I need a new one!  I need one of my boyfriend but i’ll have to find one of him that he likes (very few) so i’ll get back to you on that one!  Lastly, this is my kittencat Audrey:

She is very cute.  I need to spay her actually as she’s over 6 months old now and I couldn’t face living with her in heat! Plus it’s for the best in the long run! Might do it at the end of the month as I have a week off to make sure she doesn’t destroy the wound.

Anyway, enough of that introductory stuff.  I’m about to go for a shower before heading off into Glasgow for a bite to eat at Boteco do Brasil.  Went last night on a whim and really enjoyed the Tapas so heading there tonight before my boyfriends bands gig.  They’re called Eddy and the T-Bolts and they’re playing the 13th Note tonight so head along!

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