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Posted by pantgirl on July 14, 2010

Well! I know I have totally neglected this blog, I had loads of plans for what to write about as I’ve been so busy. Sadly the fact I’ve been so busy hasn’t given me much time to sit down and write out a nice blog! Work had been mental since I last posted, lots of out of hours work and quite a few major operations such as more cesarean sections! The reason I have time now to sit down and write on this blog is simple, I am off work sick. Now, I was very proud of my attendance record since I have started working as a Veterinarian as up until now I have had no days off sick at all. Niente. None. Today will be my 3rd day off sick and the Dr said I should be off til at least the end of next week! I feel so so guilty for leaving my work in the lurch but there’s not a lot I can do about it.

I suppose I wouldn’t regard myself as being “sick” perse as I can still walk and (just) talk and do normal things but to look at me, you would know I was sick. Why?  The whole left hand side of my face is incredibly swollen and bright red. Parts of the right hand side are affected to but not as bad. I’d post a picture but its horrific.  I have been in hospital since Sunday night getting blood tests and IV antibiotics to combat a horrific skin infection.  I haven’t got a definitive answer as to what caused it (my suspicion was midge bites) but the Drs seen to think an initial Streptococcus (erysipelas) skin infection that was superinfected with Staphylococcus on top (as my own Dr told me it was just eczema and to apply steroid cream…which made it a whole lot worse!).  This has been my frist stay in hospital for absolute years! The last time was when I was in getting my strabismus operations when I was really young (3/4, something like that) so I didn’t know what to expect!  I was pleasantly surprised! The food was pretty good actually, whilst I was there I had fish pie, mince and doughballs (mmm), lamb casserole and oodles of soup.  I was also offered plenty of tea and coffee and my room was cleaned thoroughly once a day and the sheets changed every day too! I also had my own private room + en suite with a wee telly as well!  I know not everyone gets that luxury but I think I got it due to the infectious nature of my condition and that the other communal rooms on the ward had elderly people on it (so more susceptible to infectious disease).  I was given flucloxacillin antibiotics through my venflon four times a day and also went  to see the consultant Dermatologist who prescribed me oodles of creams!

My mum and her friend Judy came down from Aberdeen to see me in the Stirling Royal Infirmary, got lost, arrived late and the nurses were very kind and let them stay on over teatime to the next visiting hour.  I asked mum to bring me some diluting juice, socks and trashy mags.  She arrived with 8 pairs of socks (!), 2 large bottles of diluting juice, 2 small soft toys, 7 trashy magazines, a pot of grapes and a small pot plant!  My mum does go all out when you ask her for something!  Then, on the way back up to Aberdeen, her car broke down outside Brechin and had to get towed home. She’s now looking for a new car. Poor mum. I got discharged yesterday (Tuesday evening) and went straight to work to talk to my boss and tell him the bad news. He was very understanding and I look awful so he knows how bad it really is.  I came home to the flat and finally got a good nights sleep in my own bed (you have no idea how hard it is to sleep with a venflon in your arm, everytime you move that arm you can feel it inside you and you can’t bend your arm or lie on it so I slept on my back!).  I really need a good shower too. I haven’t washed my hair since last Friday which is shocking, luckily my hair barely gets greasy so its not as bad as it looks!  Also I can now enjoy the flowers my boyfriend got me the day before I went to hospital as my skin was so bad.

I meant my first post back on here to be a nice happy one about a new recipe I had tried out or what I bought at the farmers market, or even our wee holiday to Copenhagen and the Roskilde festival (which just preceded my hospitalization)!  All fodder for future blogs, which I should be doing a few of over the next week or so as I have a lot of free time on my hands!


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