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Posted by pantgirl on June 3, 2010

Wow! A month since I last posted on here! It’s been an absolutely mental month and I have so much to post. I shall sit down and do a round up and a few posts over the next few days. I would do it tonight but just had a mild drama with the kittencat falling out of our 3 storey window and me going outside to find her trundling around on a neighbours window quite the thing. Stupid flat windows! Rob was quite stressed about the whole thing (only an hour earlier we had been pondering what would happen if she did just that so quite freaky) so we’re off to buy a nice room fan tomorrow rather than have the windows open all the time (it gets hot being in a top storey flat!). She seems perfectly fine apart from. Tiny nick on her lip but I might take her into work to get checked out just in case. She’s currently just zonked out on my
lap which is cute but I need to go to bed!


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