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Blimmin ‘eck!!

Posted by pantgirl on April 29, 2010

Jeezo. This week has been utterly mental all round! One of the bosses dad died last week so he was off for 3 days and then the funeral was on Tuesday just there and he then took the Wednesday off when he texted the other boss at 8:15am Wednesday morning!!!  So as you can tell the last week-2 weeks have been quite mad. Ideally this practice is a 4-5 vet practice and they have been a part-time vet down for over a year so the other boss and I were running 3 branches between us. It was very, very busy, many clients were rearranged and some were cancelled but all seemed to take it ok which it the main thing. Yesterday was so so mad at work I can’t describe. This week has been utterly heaving with operations and we’re having trouble trying to fit them all in.  I’m blaming the full moon myself.  I got my lunch break yesterday at 3:40 then left for my evening surgery at 4:30. Madness.  Tomorrow doesn’t look much better BUT I am on a half day tomorrow (as my usual half-day on Wednesday was postponed due to the last-minute off-workness for the boss).

PHEW. Enough ranting.  I have been SO behind in things at home. I still haven’t finished my Cat Swap for which I am so annoyed at myself for. I will batter on with it tonight but I am on call so a bit worried I might get a call out. I also have been utilising my eBay app on my iPhone quite  a bit and have spent £23 on 3 items “for the summer” (my own excuse) but they were all either Roxy or Animal brand clothes so a massive saving! I hope they fit as the sizing on those brands can be very variable! I have also finally (again) started my eating healthy regime today with Porridge and a banana for lunch and some grilled turkey marinaded in a smidge of BBQ marinade and a salad on the side with 2 fresh radishes from my organic veg box. I need to keep going on this, I have no willpower after 10days usually. I also need to get back into doing my Jillian Michaels “30 Day Shred” DVD as I think it will work if I stick to it. I am so unfit it’s not right really.

God this has been waffling of the highest order! My only highlight (depending…) is that it is my Birthday this Sunday the 2nd May! I share my birthday with such celebrities as David Beckham, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Engelbert Humperdinck.  Amazing


One Response to “Blimmin ‘eck!!”

  1. Diane said

    Happy Birthday Kristen! Hope you have a great day, with lots of nice presents and treats and no work 🙂
    Mr Squishy says Happy Birthday too!

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