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Busy Night!

Posted by pantgirl on April 13, 2010

I have been fairly busy recently so I do apologise for not updating my blog as often as I should.  I am hurriedly trying to finish the Pincushion Swap to be sent tomorrow, should be all ok as I have a half day.  I hope she likes it!  I also need to start on the Feline Swap as well so busy busy!

I am on call tonight for my vets and an hour after getting home from work I get a phone call from a client with a pregnant bitch with a green discharge.  3 hours later and I am just back home after a cesarean section on a Beagle.  5/7 pups survived.  The first dead one was the one causing all the problems and the green discharge – premature placental separation most likely.  The owners were very happy with the surviving pups and they have all gone home with mum well and happy.  It was such hard work though! The majority of the cesareans I have done in the past have been ones that are having problems and therefore the puppies/kittens are usually dead so this time to have a good c-section was exciting!  It was very worrying to have the owners standing behind me whilst I cut open their bitch and start flinging puppies at them!  You can never have too many hands on deck at a cesarean.  The poor nurse was having to deal with me asking for things, the dog under the anaesthetic and trying to resuscitate just born puppies!  All went well though so i’m very happy.

My boyfriend has been making me a Sausage and veg stew tonight from Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstalls latest book that my sister got me for Christmas “River Cottage Everyday” which is AMAZING.  I’ve already cooked the Chicken Cider and Mushroom casserole from it twice and its had rave reviews.  The recipes are just so easy to make and so tasty.  We’re using some of the sausages from Puddledub that we got (3 for 2!) at the Farmers Market this last weekend.  I also got a smoked Ham Shank which I intend to use for a ham and pea/lentil soup so I’m looking up recipes on that (although there is one in the above book as well).

Luckily I have a half day tomorrow to get over all this madness!


2 Responses to “Busy Night!”

  1. I just had a right giggle reading this. ‘So busy, craft swaps, EMERGENCY OPERATED AND DELIVERED SOME BABY DOGS SAFELY and for tea I’m having….’ – it’s so funny to see it written like a regular, every day type thing and I see it as this totally amazing, awesome, monumental type thing(pretty sure the dog owners do too)…and you just DO this job every day.
    You’re pretty amazin.

  2. Vonnie said

    Ahahaha! I was just thinking what Chrissy said, well done you! x

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