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Fun times

Posted by pantgirl on March 23, 2010

I’ve had a pretty busy last few days!  Friday night I managed to get off work slightly early and then headed into Glasgow to meet up with some friends from University.  The reason behind the meeting was that Matt F had just had his Viva for his PhD on some crazy Particle Physics subject so was basically all but a Dr!  Other friend, Matt D, is also doing a PhD and almost finished his.  His is all about  Statistics based on the accuracy of Faecal Egg Counts in Veterinary Lab Tests.  He gets to fly all over the world (Copenhagen, finland, South Africa etc) for conferences etc.  I feel i’m definitely in the wrong career!  Went along to the Common Rooms on Byres Road to meet up and had a quick munch in there too.  Matt D and I got our respective last trains home and Matt F headed off with some more of his friends to a club.  Was really fun to catch up and slip back into the old chat.  Plans have been made to meet up again and try to get more Uni folk to meet up – maybe even rent a chalet somewhere and have a weekend away together?  I would really love this plan to come to fruition.

Saturday went along to Almondvale in Livingston for a wee browse but it was a fairly quiet day all round.  Sunday I fancied going to Edinburgh for a wee trundle around.  Last time I was there was Christmas time in the snow on a quest to get my mum a fancy necklace, before that was at the Fringe Festival time.  Rob and I had a wee picnic on the train on the way over and then had a good old wander round Edinburgh. Went into a few shops, Rob checked out Forbidden Planet and then we headed past Greyfriars Bobby (havent been there for years) up to K1 Yarns where I picked up 2 lovely yarns to make my pincushion swap with.  I was impressed with the free bag I got from K1 Yarns to put my yarn into – recycled newspaper bags from India!

We then had a Coffee and cake (at Starbucks…oops) and then got the train back to a roast chicken dinner and an episode of The Wire.

All in all a lovely wee weekend.  Have made a good start on my pincushion for the swap!  Quite excited, I hope it works out!  I am amalgamating 2 patterns I found together and I think it’ll work quite well finger crossed!


One Response to “Fun times”

  1. I love that bag! hm…fancy trying to make one myself now. My cousins taught me how to make purses out of juice cartons yonks ago but I’ve totally forgotten how.

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