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Posted by pantgirl on March 16, 2010

For quite a while now i’ve read some of my friends blogs and been quite envious at the craft swaps that they have been a part of and the cool things they send and receive.  This has meant that in a space of a few days, I have now signed up to two swaps!  The cat swap over at ilovespoiltpig and the pincushion swap over at Claire’s Crafty Blog.  This has resulted in me panicking like crazy over making a “good impression” and I have been scouring Ravelry for cool patterns to knit for both of them.  I think I have found two so tomorrow, on my half day, I shall head into Glasgow and go yarn shopping!  I don’t know where else to go for yarn in Glasgow apart from John Lewis so will have a look about online tonight.

Apart from that excitement, my weekend was quiet. Went to my friend Crystals housewarming party on Friday night which was lovely to catch up, then I was working Sat morning and on call all weekend which meant I had to stay close to Falkirk and limits what I can do.  Went out on Saturday night to the p/t Vets leaving do (she’s off on Maternity leave end of this week) which was a lovely Chinese in Larbert and was very pleasant although I couldn’t drink.  Sunday heading into Falkirk for the Farmers Market and picked up a whole load of yummy meat!

L-R Beef Olives (stuffed with tomato and basil sausage meat, smoked bacon bits, Pork Belly and Pheasant and Apricot Sausages (may contain shot!!).  We also had a lovely Venison burger whilst browsing the stalls which was also amazing.  If I had enough money I would totally buy from these small farms and organic etc places all the time but they are pretty expensive (although I think these meats were all very reasonably priced!).  I am looking into getting an organic veg box but there is far too much choice annoyingly!  Some of them ask for a key to get into your close which worries me slightly but I suppose it’s the easiest option.

Few things planned for the rest of this week: Wed, boyfriends band is playing again (8pm Capitol), Thursday going to see Dara O’Briain at the Royal Concert hall (really excited about that, I love him), and then Friday I might be meting up with the two Matts from Uni that I havent seen in yonks (both doing Phds worryingly!).  Hope everyone is well!


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