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My New Love…

Posted by pantgirl on March 10, 2010

Sounds ominous but really it’s Calamari.  Had some at Boteco Do Brasil at the weekend and went back AGAIN the next day to have some again! Never had it before so I was brave and tried something new and was pleasantly surprised!  Now I want to make it myself but having trouble sourcing Squid so my new mission is to find a good local fishmonger.

Calamari rings, Chorizo and steak = very yum!

I am planning a vetty update here – probably regarding this ‘ interesting’ new Government plan for compulsory chipping + 3rd party insurance on all dogs.  I still need to ponder the pros and cons a bit more but I do think it’s more talk and ideas that, if implemented and policed correctly could be a good thing.  In all honesty, and this probably sounds highly snobby coming from me (and my experience with certain pet owners) but the people whose animals are a nuisance and attack people/property etc are usually the kind of people who would ignore this legislation completely and find ways of wriggling out of prosecution “Oh that’s not my dog anymore – I sold it to some guy at the pub” etc.   I probably have already become too wise or aware I suppose would be the right words, to the tricks certain pet owners pull.  Oh dear, this has gone on a ranty tangent! I do apologise!

Other news, I do plan to take part in my first ever craft swap – the Felidae Craft Swap run by ilovespoiltpig.  I even bought the first part to put towards it today in advance!  I have absolutely no idea what to make for it though as my crafting skills are very limited to pretty much just knitting…or a picture of my kitten sleeping!


2 Responses to “My New Love…”

  1. Yaay for swap-ness!

    You’ll definitely get squid rings from a chinese supermarket, I like the one that’s round about the bus station/uni rather than chinatown, it’s got more stuff and usually not quite as expensive. Cheapest frozen if you don’t mind the smell as they’re defrosting.

  2. Vonnie said

    Just the idea of squid gives me the hefty boak, seriously. I am so not a seafood person.

    Hooray for blogging though and for swapping! x

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