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First Blog Post

Posted by pantgirl on March 7, 2010

Wow, original title eh?  Does what it says though. Right, I don’t know quite what to write here for my first post.  I have so many things I want to rant about (Vegan Cat food for one and awful animal breeders) but I think they are far too…heavy for a first post which should be an introduction!  This is me:

Yes…not the best picture ever but I haven’t really got any decent/recent ones of me as my digital camera is an ancient beast and I need a new one!  I need one of my boyfriend but i’ll have to find one of him that he likes (very few) so i’ll get back to you on that one!  Lastly, this is my kittencat Audrey:

She is very cute.  I need to spay her actually as she’s over 6 months old now and I couldn’t face living with her in heat! Plus it’s for the best in the long run! Might do it at the end of the month as I have a week off to make sure she doesn’t destroy the wound.

Anyway, enough of that introductory stuff.  I’m about to go for a shower before heading off into Glasgow for a bite to eat at Boteco do Brasil.  Went last night on a whim and really enjoyed the Tapas so heading there tonight before my boyfriends bands gig.  They’re called Eddy and the T-Bolts and they’re playing the 13th Note tonight so head along!


One Response to “First Blog Post”

  1. Happy first post day!(belated) So you went to Boteco then?! Soup? I had that fucking mighty boosh song in my head for ages afterwards because of all the chat. CROUTONS CROUTONS.

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